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Kyou Kara Maou Season 3 – 04 (ep 82)

Awwww… bearbees just the cutest thing around????
(I can’t remember what those bearbee things are called so i shall just call them bearbees tentatively)

Episode 4 – Greta and Yuuram

After the incident of Wolfram, things are back to normal in the castle. However, there is a new discovery and they are selling like hotcakes – Yellow mini bearbees.
They are suppose to be a new breed and well, in actual fact they are not.
And being so adorable Greta decides to adopt one of them and name it Yuuram, and thus the name of the episode.
However, there is a mystery behind why these bearbees are not allowed to touch water…. so what happens when one of them actually does

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