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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas our dearest readers! I hope that you guys are having an awesome holiday!

To spread some of the joy to those who are bored with nothing to do at home (such as I), here are some cool AMVs that I had found on the internet and wanted to share with you guys to celebrate the upcoming season of Winter Anime. =) Enjoy and take care!

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ElectroPenguin: A Crazy Mawaru Penguindrum AMV

If you need something to help make you feel better because of your crazier life… Imagine what you would feel like if your life was like this AMV.

I found this AMV on the internet, and it sure perked me up.

If you have not seen the show and are afraid that there will be spoilers in it, I don’t think you would need to worry as you probably wouldn’t understand what is going on anyway. =D

Just thought I would share this AMV to help cheer some people up since it is mid-week and the weekend is still a dreadful 2 days away.

-ra out! =D

(I just love this series! It is so awesome!!)

Awesome AMVs That You Should See And Will Love

Having recently ordered my Manifest 2011 Tickets, I have decided to create a list of AMVs that I think are pretty awesome as my favourite event at Manifest has gotta be the AMVs.

So I hope you have fun watching all of these and have a fun time laughing.

This is an awesome AMV, love it so much. This amv is essentially a mixture of different animes edited and mixed together to fit the song.

Rah Hey! by Ileia (Ileia Thespina Centracchio)

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