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Mushishi Zoku Shou – 03 Review


Episode 03 – Beneath The Snow

I couldn’t resist watching the latest episode of Mushishi (because its great to watch something soothing when you don’t feel great) and that’s how this review came about. 🙂

The episode reminded me of a quote from one of my favorite poems that I had studied some time back in school:

“The only other sound’s the sweep  
Of easy wind and downy flake…”

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Mouretsu Pirates – 19 Review

Imagine this: Two little sisters who are princesses sitting on a sunny morning in the backyard of their school at a table eating with a fork and knife talking about how fun it is to be a pirate. Yeah, never imagined that to be the kind of thing I would get to see in a series about pirates…

Mouretsu Pirates 19 – Another Important Lesson About Friendship

I wasn’t a big fan of Mouretsu Pirates at the beginning because I thought the show’s concept of piracy was rather stupid and had nothing to do with piracy whatsoever. Then the characters kinda grew on me and I started to like the show a little bit and I expected the show to start getting serious at some point. So far – it didn’t. And now looking back I have to admit that I liked the show best when I was satisfied with it being happy-being-about-nothing. But the show didn’t do a good job of showing what it really wants to be about anyway. Remember that episode in the beginning when Marika’s mother talks about the responsibility that comes with having a big gun in your hands? Jesus, that’s so dark! A dozen episodes later we see a girl from Marika’s school accidentally press the fire-button on the Bentenmaru and everyone laughs about it like it’s funny or something. Where was the responsibility in that moment…? Mouretsu Pirates just isn’t the gritty realistic show about pirates in space it might want to be considering these intros we get to listen to in each episode. At times it just may be the closest thing we ever gonna got of seeing “K-ON!… in space!!”.

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Eureka Seven Ao – 05 Review

It’s weird, who’d buy this explanation when your hair had a normal colour until it changed suddenly into a freaky turquoise. “Yeah, your mother had the same… it’s fine.” No, it isn’t! He still has a strange hair-colour nobody else shares with him! Shouldn’t he ask himself instead who his mother really was? She obviously wasn’t a normal person…

Eureka Seven Ao 05 – Random Side-Characters Dying Isn’t A Cliffhanger

Eureka Seven Ao has been a solid series so far, I have to say. It’s nothing outstanding but the characters do what they’re supposed to do, the setting is good and the story develops nicely so far. It’s just that there’s nothing to it. You have all these things and they’re well-executed but they lack meaning. There’s no real impact behind the information this series is giving. The depth which would enable to get into the series’ mindset is missing. I think that’s the one big thing that keeps this series from being as awesome as it could be. Because as far as the surface is concerned it’s a great shounen-series. It just has nothing to offer beside the generic front so far.

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Mysterious Girlfriend X – 01-03 Review

I still consider it a plothole that Tsubaki went for the drool. Who the hell would do that?! Nobody sees drool and thinks ‘I wonder what it tastes like…’. Seriously we all have drool enough of our own, nobody need to go around trying to taste other people’s drool – especially not those lying around on tables and whatnot.

Mysterious Girlfriend X: Drool Can Replace A Lot Of Things In A Relationship

One thing I’m secretly glad about is that the drool is either sweet, causes Tsubaki or Urabe to bleed from their nose or make them dream about strange scenarios. Because think about it: It could be far creepier. Imagine a story where Tsubaki starts talking like some kind of Wine-expert who describes Urabe’s drool with very specific and lengthy metaphors. Every time the series has yet another sunset-coloured scene of Tsubaki doing the drool-routine with Urabe it conjures poetic imagery of what happened that day while the audience is thinking “Who expected that tasting another person’s drool would turn this kid into Shakespeare…”. And then the series would extend it to other persons and their problems, Tsubaki would know the amount of money his sister owes the bank – by tasting her drool. He would learn the answers to the Maths-test – by tasting the teacher’s drool. He would have weird Freudian dreams about himself – by tasting his own drool. And all that accompanied by poetic lengthy monologues of how the drool tasted in each case. Well, that would be my take on the premise at least. Of course that won’t happen in this series because Tsubaki doesn’t have any guts and Urabe has enough guts for the two of them.

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Eureka Seven Ao – 02 Review

If anything the first two episodes of including Eureka in the plot with a lot of flashbacks and hints at her presence like Ao’s turquoise hair and Nirvash’s reaction to Ao piloting it. That makes it all the more interesting to see how big her role in this story will be even if she’s just a figure from the past.

Eureka Seven Ao 02: The Anime Where Turquoise Hair Is Actually Weird

Eureka Seven Ao is a really visually stunning series. Along with Fate/Zero II and Aquarion Evol this series knows how to impress visually. That’s just another thing it shares with Eureka Seven. What Eureka Seven didn’t have was a tsundere with serious health-problems talking ominously about the future. Yeah, I’m talking about Naru who is kinda the moral support for Ao and weeps for him if he starts whining about his turquoise hair. Strangely he remembers his mother dying her hair so… isn’t that inspiration enough to do the same? He doesn’t need the turquoise hair to save the world, does he? But no, what does he do? He runs to a lonely place and gets all mushy staring at the sea. In the first episode I expected him to have turquoise hair only when piloting Nirvash but now it seems like he’s tuck with the terrible hair. He could shave off the hair, too, now that I think of it, becoming a Buddhist monk. Not that it will happen but I sure hope he won’t be whining about his turquoise hair again because there are options.

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Sankarea – 03 Review

Sankarea 03 – Zombie Girls Rule

Ah yes, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. And there’s plenty of blood and guts to go around.

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Sakamichi no Apollon – 02 Review

Sakamichi no Apollon 02 – Cockblocking?

Altogether another fantastic episode with a superior first half, but I have some doubts about brining religion into a series that already has such a full plate. Also, I couldn’t manage to figure out what’s going on in this love triangle – who likes who, exactly?

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Jormungand – 02 Review

That was definitely the best moment of the episode. That was the first time the series managed to mix the fun of action and the grittiness in my eyes. They definitely should have more moments like those.

Jormungand 02: One Should Only Sell To Those Who Can Afford It

One thing that intrigues me about this series is the way it portrays Arms-Dealers. Right now it seems like they’re some kind of merciless businessman dealing with matters of death and destruction. And they’re surrounded by elite-soldiers, not normal soldiers because those are the sorry idiots actually buying the weapons to kill other nameless sorry idiots. But who are these Arms-Dealers? What motivates them to do business? Is it just for profit? But profit for whom? Are they independent? Or are they working for some big company behind them? If episode 01 has said anything about it, it’s that there’s no real common ground when it comes to Arms-Dealers. Apparently they are all more or less wicked but the series seems to go for a more personal route where the definition of Arms-Dealer greatly depends on the characters. But I guess as long as we don’t get some preachy ‘clash of Arms-Dealers-philosophies’, I’m fine with that. And this series seems to have a tendency to explain every women’s presence in this gritty setting by her being somewhat batshit insane. I hope this series will feature female soldiers who aren’t crazy on some level because it certainly got already tiresome with the third women appearing in this show who’s crazy.

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Space Brothers – 01-03 Review

Although it often seems like Mutta is trying to compete with Hibito on some level the story mostly follows Mutta finding his own way into space. But it makes for an interesting characterization to see this brother-relationship not interpreted as an obvious antagonistic conflict but actually a very emotional relationship without any melodramatic exaggerations.

Space Brothers 01-03: Why Are There Aliens in This?

One thing I’m really interested to find out in Space Brothers how exactly the finale will look like when the introduction of the first episode apparently introduced aliens to the scene. I hope it won’t be some cheesy deus-ex-machina-moment of aliens delivering a cheesy message to the audience and the characters. Far better than that would be a down-to-earth realization that there never were aliens in the first place but that it doesn’t really matter in terms of what the event ultimately meant to the two brothers. Although a weird change of pace where the show turns into a sci-fi-exploration-of-the-unknown-story would be interesting, too, I guess. Anyway, this series is one of the best ones of this season, I think. My Top 3 of the current season looks like this: 1. Sakamichi no Apollon. 2. Space Bros. 3. Fate/Zero II.

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Tsuritama – 01 Review

I would feel better about the future of the series if the narrator wouldn’t have remarked at this point that they’ll actually save the world in the end. That dangerously sounds like a cheesy melodramatic finale to me…

Tsuritama 01 – Fishing Is Still Not Very Cool

Kenji Nakamura directs another series for Noitamina and this time it doesn’t seem like the epic deep thingy I would like to see him make. I mean he directed Mononoke and Kuchuu Buranko but C which was the epic deep thingy ended up killing itself by taking more on than it could chew in its 11 episodes. I doubt this will happen in this series since this is the simple laid-back slice-of-life story of Yuki and his strange friends.

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