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Bartender 01

ANN of Bartender

What is your idea of a bar?

To me, my idea of a bar was a smoky place with loud people shouting and ranting, a very unsafe place with fights and stuff like that going on. Depressed people sitting around drinking until they feel happy.

But after watching the first episode, i realised that the only thing that was right about my impression of a bar was the fact that it is a place where depressed or troubled people visited.

In Japan, bars are a form of sanctuary to their customers. Their heavy doors are simply adorned with a name plate and are not the least bit obvious to the passerby in the street. Their businesses are usually ran through word of mouth. The heavy doors help to place a distance between the outside world and the world within the bar. As such, you forget the world outside and indulge in this quiet place that tolerates no mischief from the customers. This place suddenly feels so appealing.

Secondly, but most importantly, the Bartender. The Bar refers to the place where the drinks are placed on, however the word Tender is to care. Which is suppose to be the job of the Bartender. To care and to hear their customers worries and to make drinks that can uplift their spirits. They are like good friends that you meet for the first time.

And in this anime, you are shown just that. You get to see this mysterious bar called Eden Hall. Behind this door is a genius bartender who can apparently mix a drink called the ‘glass of the gods.’

You are able to see his caring nature, the problems of his customers and it is an anime that changes the atmosphere of the whole place. For example, right now, it is bright and it is day time and the sun is shining so brightly in my room that is noisy. But when i watched the first ep, it is like i stepped into the world of eden hall and the whole atmosphere changed. I am calm, and everything seems dim. But it is a nice soothing feeling.

It is a short anime with only 11 eps so give it a shot!


Might be too slow paced for people who are used to action animes with fighting and all. But if you can stand naruto shippuden, you can definitely stand the pace of this anime.

All of the above and
At the end of every ep you are taught how to make a cocktail.

Targeted audience?
They aim for the older crowd because the whole anime is about alcohol. So unless you are of drinking age i would say hands off this anime until you turn of age. (well, not really, but dont go drinking after watching this anime… it is a good anime)

Drink of this ep


Want to know how to make it? Watch it to find out! ^^

-ra out!