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Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Review

Am finally back to watching anime again… perhaps it is the upcoming season of Natsume Yuujinchou (who’s looking forward to it?) or Nurarihyon no Mago, but whatever it is, this is the first anime in awhile that I after sitting down and watching one episode, I could not bring myself to stop watching. Read the rest of this entry

Antique Bakery – 01

Antique Bakery on ANN

To satisfy our thirst for BoyLove and Yaoi goodness, this season presents us with a new BL series! After the first season of Junjo ended i was left with a void in my life (and yes, I am being melodramatic here). I am glad to say that Antique Bakery does a relatively good job of filling up that void. Read the rest of this entry