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“Blood-C – The Last Dark Movie” Trailer Released

Do you remember that series back last year?

That CLAMP one?

The one with all that blood?

The one with plenty of white censored scenes and episodes that went nowhere?

What was it called again….? Oh yes, Blood-C

Its back, and with a vengence… (a cold joke for you guys made especially for you guys)

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Blood C – 03 Review

And here is our weekly dosage of Blood-C to kick off the start to the weekend. If you are watching this series still, I would really like to know what pulls you back each week.

Episode 03
(contains episode spoilers)

Saya and her father are having breakfast together at Fumito’s place before she heads to school. Saya had just made Tamagoyaki for her father and you can see how badly she wants to please her father. Saya then leaves for school after having some Guimauve which made her feel all floaty. On her way to school, she breaks out into song and once again sees the dog, this time though, she manages to sneak up on the dog and pick it up.

This made Saya late for school which lead to Saya getting punished by her teacher. After school, she and her group of friends head over to Guimauve Cafe to have cakes and that is when a police man enters telling them about the missing baker.
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Blood C – 02 Review

Okay, episode 2 is finally out. I started this episode with partial dread and hope. Lets see which wins out shall we?

Episode 02

So the episode starts with Saya fighting some monster for a good 2-3 minutes with no explanation. I would say this is an action for the sake of action scene. In the background, we have CLAMP the style ‘philosophy on life’ narrative (similar to some of the stuff in xxxHolic, but not done as well). After the narrative is done, we have Saya singing like she did in episode one as she leaves her home to go to school.

(I sure hope there is a deeper meaning behind her singing about her life, because for now it really seems like it is to show her infatuation over her father. I suppose it is to show the contrast between her normal self and her activated/fighting-chick side? I feel like I am fishing for a deeper meaning when there could be none.)

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Blood C – 01 Review


The episode mainly follows Saya around for a whole day from morning until night, establishing her character.

Saya is a shine maiden, just like her mother who apparently died when she was younger. The episode starts off with Saya praying in the morning trying to understand a light(oracle?) that she seem to be seeing more often recently. After her prayer has breakfast at her neighbor’s cafe and then she heads off to school where we get to see her in school as a normal school student.

At the end of school, she rushes back to the shrine where she heads off to kill ‘the old ones’ as she is the only one who is able to defeat them using a holy sword. The episode ends after she kills the old ones.
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