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No. 6 – 02 Review

After watching Blood-C, this feels like a nice breath of fresh air on a warm humid day.

Episode 02 – The Town Clad in Light
(Contains spoilers)

4 years has passed and Shion has lost his previllages to live in the chrome and his qualification to take the Special Course due to the incident in episode one on that fateful night when he met with Rat. Shion now works in a park watching over the monitors and one day he discovers a dead body in the park. This is the catalyst that starts the events that are to come.
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Blood C – 02 Review

Okay, episode 2 is finally out. I started this episode with partial dread and hope. Lets see which wins out shall we?

Episode 02

So the episode starts with Saya fighting some monster for a good 2-3 minutes with no explanation. I would say this is an action for the sake of action scene. In the background, we have CLAMP the style ‘philosophy on life’ narrative (similar to some of the stuff in xxxHolic, but not done as well). After the narrative is done, we have Saya singing like she did in episode one as she leaves her home to go to school.

(I sure hope there is a deeper meaning behind her singing about her life, because for now it really seems like it is to show her infatuation over her father. I suppose it is to show the contrast between her normal self and her activated/fighting-chick side? I feel like I am fishing for a deeper meaning when there could be none.)

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Natsume Yuujinchou San – 02 Review

Here I thought I was going to be writing a short post but… I could not help myself.

Episode 2 (28)

(Spoilers ahead)

Ahhh, at this rate I will be starting all my reviews with a happy nostalgic sigh. Afterall, Natusume Yuujinchou just has this ability to make you all warm and fuzzy and make you want to reminisce after each episode.

So this episode focuses on the dynamics of Natusme and Tanuma’s friendship and gives us an insight into how they both handle open themselves up to one another. Also, we get to see more of Reiko’s past, and honestly, I am starting to really like her a lot, I really loved the flashback scene in this episode. You can’t help but feel that she was just a very isolated girl who used what she got to try and become friends with the yokai’s in her own odd way.
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Junjou Romantica – 02

Episode 2 – No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

Banzai! Mon ami! Yahoo! Ep 2 is out! -dances around like a fool-

Okay, this episode, just like ep 1, it follows the manga very faithfully. A little too faithfully if I might say so.

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S.A. – 02

Episode 02 – Pride. Pro-Wrestling

Boy of boy, I don’t even have the motivation to write a review about this utterly boring and disappointing episode.

But why am I writting?
I just had to voice out how I felt about this episode.

Hikari is getting on my nerves in this episode with her non-stop challenges and Kei is Kei (i am not being bias just cos he is slightly cool).

The first part of the episode is a reintroduction of the different people in the S.A. class and basically re-establishing the fact that Hikari is number 2 and Kei is number 1 and they are never going to stop bickering about that fact.

The later part is basically introducing the Student Council and a new sort of “fight” starts. The battle between the Student Council and the S.A.

The form of the challenge ? Pro Wrestling.

I have no idea which school in their right mind would even bother having pro wrestling as a challenge with such an elaborate ring.

The good part of this episode though is that we get to see a kinder side to Kei and see more of Kei’s affections for Hikari. His over protectiveness and his jealousy is quite clearly expressed in this ep.

While this ep is quite faithful to the manga counterpart (I can actually recognize this story), it does not come across as fun or as nicely as in the manga.
Something was lost in the conversion process. My guess would be that the manga was much more fast paced and did not have to worry about dragging something out to 25minutes.

Overall, I am utterly disappointed and am craving for the sight of the torrent for Soul Eater ep 02 raw to be out… where are youuuuu??

Anyway, this is how I feel about this ep.

Am I anticipating the next ep?
Yea kinda, the next ep should be quite fun to watch, that is if it will be as good as the manga.

Will I go crazy waiting for the next ep?
No way. This ep is not even good enough to make me want to rewatch it.

My advice would be to just read the manga.

How did you find this ep?

-ra out

Vampire Knight – 02

Episode 2 – Memories of Blood

As the plot continues to progress, Zero’s conditions gets worst, it is Valentine’s day in the world of Vampire Knight and Yuki is still oblivious to what is happening to Zero.
Just as the previous episode, Yuki is still ga-ga over Kaname and has decided to make chocos for him for v-day.
Zero on the other hand is having a harder time than ever trying to stop himself from biting into Yuki’s ever-so-delicious neck.
We also get to see a snippet of Zero’s past when he first meets Yuki.
Zero is getting agitated and impatient and openly spoke back to Kaname, and thus angering the other vamps causing an ‘almost’ fight.
Most importantly, Zero’s body seems to be rejecting the blood pills.


The animation quality was alright and nice to watch however, the flow of this episode seems to be pretty choppy.

They tried inserting some comedic moments to lighten up the turning-very-quickly-heavy mood, but that in turn made it so out of place. The whole story about the V-day choco was also pretty useless, i would have felt better if they had not spent that much time on it.

No action, awww, how disappointing. I know that it is a shoujo series as action is not the main deal but the fact that just because Yuki jumped in to stop the fight (and they did stop) got be quite irritated.

Overall, it was still a good episode, though not as good as the first episode.
Personally, i would definitely watch on.

Oh, and the OP is just pure love! I am so addicted to it!

-ra out!
Episode 3 review

Nabari no Ou – 02

Episode 2 – Raimei, Arrives

Episode 2 of Nabari no Ou…. oooo….


So the new ep starts off by having a recap on what happened in the previous episode.. (don’t worry, the recap is not like Naruto’s where it can take up half an episode). Then the OP starts. I love the OP, nice music, pretty images, really relaxing.

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Blassreiter: genetic – 02

Episode 2 – The Cost of Honour

This was an interesting episode, it was much more interesting than episode 1 in my opinion.

The plot thickens in this episode and we know that Gerd is not the only human that can turn into a Al(something) (those monsters).

And we know that he is not the first one. Basically, while they might have their soul, my guess is that they either stray from the path of being human and lose to their demonic insticts or something. At least that is what the guy with the black hair implied.

The animation for this episode is great too. Once again, i am not a big fan of the 3d graphics but there wasn’t that much in this episode.

The action scenes were not that many this episode, it was not as full on as episode 1.

This was probably more of a content builder.

Like I said previously, there are other human-monsters. But the normal people do not know this and the special agents are just beginning to suspect this fact.

I like the storyline though, the idea of people looking towards monsters to fight monsters.

Just the idea of people cheering on and believing in a celebrity and worshiping him and having faith in him just because he is famous. (It is a reflection of our world, at least I feel that it is)
I would bet that if a normal person turned into a monster etc. the first thing they would do is to kill him or want him to be destroyed. It is only natural to fear someone more powerful than you.

All in all, the anime looks to be slightly better than okay. I still think that it is too soon to see what sort of anime this will turn out to be.

It would either be, draggy, or , awesome/interesting.

I am hoping for the latter.


Gerd burns up and dies(i think) in an accident.
We know who the Black monster is. (black hair dude.

End of Spoilers

-ra out!

Itazura na Kiss – 02

Episode 2 – Living Together Is Dangerous


This episode is basically as the title says. It is about them living together

The main focus of this episode is to show that while they may live together, they still can’t get along.

Kotoko has decided to aim to be in the top 50 spot in school in the upcoming exam, and how does she plan on doing that? By blackmailing Naoki into tutoring her.

What does she use as blackmail?
You see the image above of a girl?
Thats no girl, it is Irie as a kid (courtesy of Naoki’s mom).

So Irie tutors her.

Towards the end of the episode, when everything between seems to be getting better something happens to put her back in the spot of being hated by Irie.


I found this episode alright.
I find this series alright.

It is not great and neither does it really make me want to watch on all that much.

Part of me just wants to find out what happens. The rest of me just watches it for the heck of it.
The plot is interesting and fun, if it were your first time seeing it.
After all the tv-drama remakes, you might be better of watching the dramas instead.

Characters wise, i prefer the way they portrayed the characters in here.

Anyway, nothing dramatic actually happens in this ep.

It is basically a plot development and character development. We see the 2 characters trying to interact with each other, the closest we get to a relationship in this episode is friendship. So far no sign of loving happening soon.

[Description of Screen Caps]

– having breakfast at the house

– going to school together

– Kotoko being left behind

– Irie shocked at the stupidity of Kotoko (when they were studying for the exam, not that Irie needs to study)

– Both of them at the results of the examination

– A prank by (most likely) Kotoko’s classmates. Something that destroys their short lived peace.

Thats about it for this ep

Rating – Will continue to watch, but not all that excited. 6/10

-ra out

xxxHOLIC: Kei – 02 review

Episode 2 – Left Eye

XDEpisode 2 of xxxHOLIC is out!!!!! WOOOhoo!!!

After a boring episode (that drained the life out of me) of Bus Gamer, xxxHOLIC fills my life back with joy and happiness in the second episode of season 2! wahahahaha

From the previous eps we know that Doumeki is trying to find a way to save Watanuki’s eye and so he has decided to read all the books on curses and stuff like that.

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