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Hyouka – 03 Review

Episode 03 – Inheritors of the Classics Club and Its Circumstances
aka Episode 03 – The Case of The Smelly Student

So this episode finally gets down to the main “mystery” plot and the episode simply starts off on a “WTH” note and ends on a “WTH” note. (And I don’t mean it in a positive manner)

If you like some mystery mixed in with your slice-of-life genre then this might be right up your alley as this is just what the series is playing out to be – a light (and not that interesting) slice-of-life show with a hint of mystery.

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No. 6 – 03 Review

I am unable to insert screen captures right now so I will have to insert them at a later time, sorry. Just got home and here are the screencaps I promised you all! =)

It seems like things are going to slow down from this epsiode onwards in the sense that we are not going to have a big skip in time.

This episode looks to be a plot building episode which will steer us in the direction on what the rest of the series will focus on (or so it seems that way).

Episode 3 – Life and Death
(contains episode spoilers)

We start off where the last episode left off with Shion in the west city. This city is where No. 6 dumps all it’s unwanted “trash”.

Shion is reading Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Nezumi’s room and is amazed by the story. Shion then says that books such as those were not allowed in No. 6.
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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou – 03 Review

And so all the episode 3 of the series are coming out and this is the 2nd anime I have reviewed today and it sure does not disappoint.

Episode 3
(contains spoilers)

So this episode naturally continues where last episode had left off.

Last episode was spent building up to the revelation of Rikuo’s identity. And this episode starts off with just that, now Yura finally knows who Rikuo is. The first half of the episode focuses on the fight between Yura’s brother and Rikuo. I really am not sure how to explain the fight scene, you gotta see it to understand it I guess but I shall try my best here.
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Natsume Yuujinchou San – 03 Review

Such a heartwarming episode, although that is already a given. =)

I will upload screen captures at a later time.

Episode 3 (28)

(contains spoilers)

This episode bring back a friend from Natsume’s past called Shibata. Shibata used to bully Natsume back in elementary school and would tease him about being a liar for saying that he could see Yokais.

One afternoon after school, Shibata comes to find Natsume to ask for Natsume’s help to see if the girl he has been meeting up with called Murasaki was a Yokai. Natsume assures Shibata that Murasaki is not a yokai but a human and Shibata is relieved by the fact. That night, Natsume dreams of Murasaki eating Shibata and with the help of Nyanko-sensei, he realises that Murasaki is a yokai.
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Junjou Romantica – 03

Phrases that this episode got out of me:
“So sweeeet!!!!!”
“Hiro-san Kawaii!!”
-me in fangirl mode-
(never knew I had it in me, sigh, the things this anime does to people =_=)

Episode 3

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Vampire Knight – 03

Ooo, an interesting episode.

Episode 3 – Fang of Repentence

Revelations in this episode:
Yuki finally finds out the truth behind who Zero is.
We are introduced to Class E vampires.
We learn of Yuki’s fear of going out alone, and while she is out she is attacked by Class E vampires.
Kaname saves Yuki and states that Yuki is his special person.

[click image to enlarge]

I liked the way this episode progressed, it was fast with little wasted time. Yuki finally finds out about Zero and Zero attacks Yuki. This was a pretty dark episode. Kaname’s show of his power was really cool too, and as usual the OP sequence was just hypnotic.

I like Zero’s character – the twist that he is actually a vamp. I thought that was pretty cool.
As for Yuki, I can’t seem to see her other than a loud girl who starting to get on my nerves just a little. I know that there are more things about who she is etc (in the manga) but right now, in this episode, all we know about her is the same flashback over and over again of her being attacked by the vamp when she was young and Kaname saving her.
Kaname on the other hand is a mystery. One moment I like the him when he is all overprotective over Yuki, but when he starts getting all high and mighty(in a subtle way) I can’t help but like Zero better.

The animation was nice but for some reason due to the way the shadows were drawn on the character’s faces they looked like anorexic zombies. I am looking forward to the next episode to see how Yuki handle’s this new revelation that she has just been dealt with.

Overall, it was intersting, the plot thickens and builds with a good portion of suspense. Enough action to make it less shoujo-ish and more interesting.
I was reluctant to watch and review this episode because for some reason every episode was so heavy to watch. Nothing happy happens. EVER. And judging from the way the plot is progressing i doubt that happy things will ever happen.
This anime is nothing if not filled with mysteries and secrets. I LOVE IT!

-ra out

S.A. – 03

Having lost the previous match to Kei, Hikari has now got to fulfill one of Kei’s wishes.
Make an obento for Kei to eat.
The problem is that Hikari sucks at cooking.
Heck, her onigiris were more like a metal ball rather than something edible.
It seems like she can’t control herself when it comes to doing everything. She simply puts too much strength into doing things.
Kei on the other hand has never had a home-made bento before and starves himself in anticipation for Hikari’s cooking.
But will he eat it if the cooking is so horrible that it might kill him? ^_^

ans: he does and he actually said that it was good!


I started watching this episode with the bad taste that was left behind by the last episode, but I have to say that this episode was actually nice.

It is fun and funny and Kei is such a darling and is so sweet in this ep.

Hikari is still her usual battle-mode self but that was only for the first half of the episode. So it was still acceptable.
The animation was pretty cute, especially the student council president’s reaction to Hikari’s food. (the SC president can be pretty irritating at times, I think it is his voice or something, it is just weird.)

But as usual, nothing amazing about this episode. However, I felt that this episode was nicer than the manga chapter. So that is a plus. I gues just seeing it animated made it cuter. I just hope that the director for this series continues to produce more interesting episodes and not slump back into the quality of episode 2

-ra out!

Nabari no Ou – 03

Episode 3 – Assault


Okay, so the first 5 minutes was once again a flashback + OP.
I hope that they do not plan on doing this every single episode, it is just such a waste of good air time.

As the title of the episode stated, it is basically about the Assault of the village that we saw in the previous episode. Read the rest of this entry

Itazura na Kiss – 03

Episode 3 – Baton Touch of Love

Things start to get interesting in this episode.

Might Naoki be starting to develop some sort of feelings for Kotoko?

Episode 3’s main activity would be the school’s sports day. Where they have their track and field competitions. And Naoki reads Kotoko’s love letter! How will he react to that?

Nothing really BIG actually happens in this episode, I guess you could call it a chain of small events that leads to character development.

I was nearly on the verge of giving up on this series due to its lack of humor and very shoujo plot route. I thought that this episode was quite interesting and now I am actually looking forward to see what the next episode would be about.

However, I know that certain things were meant to be funny or cute or whatever, but I can’t seem to feel that from the anime. Perhaps it is the pastel mild colors, or soothing voices. Those “funny” moments just don’t stand out or are not as exaggerated as what I would have expected it to be in order for it to be funny.

My favourite part of this anime was probably the last 5 minutes of this anime and the scene where Naoki reads the love letter.

Since this anime is suppose to be about the lives of Kotoko and Naoki all the way until after marriage, the plot is moving on pretty fast.

And if I might say so, I feel that Naoki was actually pretty pleasant and cute (towards the end) in this episode.

If you were uncertain about this anime, you might want to give this episode a shot and decide if you would want to watch on. This episode kinda pulled me back into the ‘slightly-interested’ realm of things.

Maybe there is hope for this anime afterall!

Plus a new message board tabloid. OooOoO, Kotoko and Naoki raburabu, marriage seems to be not too far away. lol

-ra out

xxxHOLIC: Kei – 03

Episode 3 – Half

This episode is the final ep in this 3-ep arc.

Summary: Watanuki is off saving the Zashiki-Warashi.

This episode mainly revolves around Watanuki and his lack of understanding of certain things.
He does not fully grasp the fact that his existence is important to some people.

While this might have been an episode about the eye, it is at the same time not.

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