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Subete ga F ni Naru – 01-06 Review (Live-Action Version)

subete.f.naru.e03.doa.farah.mkv - 00000One of the show’s more interesting ideas is that finding out the truth is usually more hurtful than leaving a mystery unresolved.

So, here’s the first part of the review of the live-action-adaptation of Subete ga F ni Naru. Two things I want to clarify right from the start: One, there will be spoilers. Even though I won’t directly talk about what happens in the Magata-arc which the anime will cover it shares some of the same themes the other two arcs of this live-action-version do. And two, well, to be honest this isn’t the best kind of Japanese mystery-show. It has its share of problems and I really hope that the anime will turn out better than this live-action-series.

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Ouran High School Host Club Live Action – 02 Review

Episode 2

LOL! Tamaki was hilarious in this episode! His actor did a great job! I could not stop laughing! For example, the “Otou-san – daughter” scene and his fantasies as well as massive reactions; like when he crumbled into pieces when his fantasy was destroyed and when he kept saying “heeeee” in reaction to Haruhi being pissed, they were all funny.
Episode 2 essentially covers the ‘Health/Body Checkup’ story and the plot was almost identical to the original story except for a few changes like with Nekozawa being added into the story.

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