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The Legend Of Korra: Book Of Balance – 07 Review

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That was certainly a weird, unexpected moment… Actually reddening the cheeks of Korra when she compliments Asami on her appearance? It never seemed like during the first and second season the writing actually tried to posit the idea of those two showing any interest in each other as romantical partners but here we are looking at this one rather defining moment… At this point they really have to go ahead and make it a “thing”. After all, there’s hardly enough time left to turn this into a “will they, won’t they”-routine. The series has to commit to this relationship or else such a moment just becomes ridiculously unnecessary.

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The Legend Of Korra: Book Of Balance – 06 Review

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Why is this series actually trying to be SO historical? It’s not like it’s an actual historical series – but this series is obsessed with having these historical references. And it wouldn’t be a bad thing – except this isn’t the kind of show to tackle the intricacies of dictatorship for example. Dictators are bad guys, done! Going down the path of “But maybe there’s a reason why dictators come to power in the first place and it would be prudent to investigate those reasons narratively and what it leads to…” is something for mature shows! I’m all for kids-shows tackling complex issues but you have to simplify it – from start to finish. You may argue that this series is better for having these more complex story-hooks but I feel like that’s just a waste of time if you don’t follow through with it. The simply approach would be to call dictators bad but the mature approach would be to question why dictators exist in the first place and this season raises that question definitely. It’s just that it doesn’t really seem concerned with offering good answers to this complex question. So far, this season really hasn’t inspired a lot of confidence in handling its topic in a meaningful way, though. And with this season failing to really turn Korra into an interesting character, things just go downhill from there.

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