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Ouran High School Host Club Live Action – 02 Review

Episode 2

LOL! Tamaki was hilarious in this episode! His actor did a great job! I could not stop laughing! For example, the “Otou-san – daughter” scene and his fantasies as well as massive reactions; like when he crumbled into pieces when his fantasy was destroyed and when he kept saying “heeeee” in reaction to Haruhi being pissed, they were all funny.
Episode 2 essentially covers the ‘Health/Body Checkup’ story and the plot was almost identical to the original story except for a few changes like with Nekozawa being added into the story.

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Rurounin Kenshin Live Action Film out in 2012

22 year old Sato Takeru will be acting as the protagonist Himura Kenshin, acting opposite him is Takai Emi as Kamiya Kaoru.

The Sankei Sports newspaper adds that the staff aims to release the film internationally and eventually make a series. This will be the first live-action adaptation of the manga.

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