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M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane – 04 Review

[Chyuu] M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane - 04.mkv - 00009Ah, M3, you’ve done it again… Abusing female characters to create drama: What a classy move!

This series is stupid, period.

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M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane – 03 Review

_C12__M3_-_Sono_Kuroki_Hagane_-_03.mp4 - 00006What, does he want a pony or something? Becoming the Chosen One of the Nuts-For-Brains-Brigade doesn’t mean he has to be such a whiny baby about it.

Usually I do try to see the good in a series and there are plenty of series that are VERY flawed but still offer something interesting that makes those series worth watching. But being a bad series is akin to a guy throwing shit at a wall. And some of it sticks and some doesn’t. Sometimes nothing sticks at all and the series actually becomes good or even great after it had some time to breathe and develop (the American series Person Of Interest comes to mind for example). But then there are the really bad series that constantly throw shit at the wall and it sticks, again and again. The shit just piles up and at some point I just give up trying to find something good in it. M3 has reached that point for me.

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M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane – 02 Review

_C12__M3_-_Sono_Kuroki_Hagane_-_02.mp4 - 00002Geez, Akashi really knows how to talk to the ladies, doesn’t he? No wonder Emiru is still desperately seeking his attention…

Nutjobs and assholes: Those are the kind of people that will save the world in this series. Well, on the plus-side apparently nobody needs to be in a hurry to actually do any world-saving, the world seems pretty okay after all. I mean, there are some problems but those were bound to appear with a team full of nutjobs and assholes, right? At this point I think the only reason why the Corpse is harassing these kids is because IX can’t get off their asses in equipping the kids with the mechas they need so that they can enter the Lightless Realm.

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M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane – 01 Review

_C12__M3_-_Sono_Kuroki_Hagane_-_01.mp4 - 00009

Geez, no wonder Akashi is the hero of the show. He really has a way with words, doesn’t he? Way to go, Akashi, thanking the woman this way who offered to help you move to your new place!

Teenage-Angst did it again! Once more a bunch of kids are somehow involved in the end of the world and all the adults are too evil to simply tell them to grow the fuck up! Well, that’s my prediction what this will be about next episode. But this is the first episode so instead we see a lot of people talking about the mope-zone or, what the series calls it, “the Lightless Realm”. But seriously, it IS the mope-zone because ghosts are just SO whiny. Someone has a problem, then that person dies – and now it’s supposed to be everybody’s business or something! Stupid ghosts… Anyway, this time around it’s even harder to ignore the ghosts because they are big frigging monsters made out of… red poo. The series’ words, not mine. And the angsty teenagers have to use mechas to bust those ghosts… or earn a psychology-degree having therapy-sessions with those ghosts or something.

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