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Bus Gamer – 03

Episode 3 – Gamer Alone Again


This episode starts off with the trio going to their next battle.
This time, they are team AWAY. The stage? A roof top beer garden. And unlike the previous places, this area is filled with passerby everywhere. Customers drinking until they are drunk
There their battle starts. They fight and they win. And that is about it for Bus Gamer really.

After that scene it is basically a wrapping up.
Scenes on what happened to the police woman.
A wrap up between the relationship of those 3 main characters. (We see that Toki is starting to become friendlier towards Saitou.)
And the short live OVA ends there.

In ep 2 we saw the Police turning a blind eye to the events of dead gamers turning up. That gave hint to the fact that they were probably in on it or it was some big conspiracy thing. In this ep, we actually see the Chief of the police (i think he is the chief) appear in the aftermath of the game waiting to collect the disc from the players



When the episode first started I was confuse as to where the police woman had dissapeared to. I mean, they were suppose to have been caught right? Anyway, it is explained later on in the episode.

While this OVA has room for a continuation, it also can be seen as the end of it at ep 3.

The whole OVA felt like a summary of what was going on. A big introduciton, but to the game and not necessarily to a deeper plot. The plot of the game is also weak.

By the end of the OVA the reasons for these guys wanting such a huge amount of cash and willing to risk their lives for it is never explained. It would be nice for there to be an extra episode or two just to explain everything and make it more…. complete.

Screen caps time.

What happened to the police woman? They did the most natural thing. They ran. XD

Toki looking cool.

And I know that a lot of people probably want to see Saitou get shot anyway.

This was during their battle. The fool Saitou decided to save the guy and got pulled over the edge of the roof. But his reasons for saving the guy was acceptable.

And a fun shot!! Look at those weird poses. I wonder if it is a new dance.

Anyway, that is it for the Bus Gamer OVA.

It was ok to watch, I did not hate it or anything, I just felt bored quite often.

I felt that it was quite draggy and the police woman scene was not really necessary for them to make her take up so much time.

Okay, as for Saitou, though I don’t hate him as much in the last ep, he is still an annoyance. Apparently he is suppose to be less annoying in the manga and somewhat of a computer genius. Well, the most that we see of his computer smarts is him twinkling with the lights in the ep 2 HOME battle.

While the characters and animation was fun to look at that was probably about it.
The incomplete storyline (typical of short series) and the not so exciting plot for the last episode made me quite bored.

Rating – 6/10

-ra out

xxxHOLIC: Kei ep 01 review

Ep 1 – Spider 蜘蛛 クモノス

The first ep of xxxHolic Kei is out!!!

Woohoo!!! Watanuki, Doumeki, Yuuko, Mokona, and the rest of the gang, oh ya, Watanuki’s dearest Himawari is back too!

The new OP of the season is not too bad, it is not as catchy as the previous season but it was good.

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Detective Conan Movie 11 – Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure

DC movie on ANN

The Detective Conan 11th Movie is finally out and I have finally manage to watch it.

It was a nice typical Detective Conan story. Conan sloves the case and they lived in the land of Conan where time never pass happily ever after.

Honestly, you’d think that after more than a decade the kid would at least age by a year. But nope, with more than 500 eps and more than dunno how many hundred cases solved, he is still the same age.

But i still like this show.

Especially if Hattori Heiji were to appear in the show. But, sadly, he is nowhere to be seen in this movie. O well.

This movie is like an extension of a normal DC episode just like all the other DC movies. This one is about treasure hunting and diving, underwater caverns, and a buried treasure. Friendship, and waiting. However, I did not really like this movie. It was a very normal storyline with not much tension in it. I found it border lining on boring.

My favourite DC movie has still got to be The Phantom of Baker Street one. That was such an exciting movie to watch.  Not like this one. I just hope the next movie would be better.

Rating… 6/10 

Bus Gamer ep 1 & 2

I have always liked the art style of Kazuya Minekura ever since I saw Saiyuki. The way the characters were drawn and their personalities. I actually have a wall scroll of Saiyuki hanging on my room wall.

Alright, the plot of Bus Gamer.

It basically revolves around the lives of 3 guys – Kazuo Saito, Nobuto Nakajo and Toki Mishiba (Kenichi Suzumura (voice actor) ). They are total strangers who all have their own reasons as to why they wish to obtain a huge amount of cash. A way to accomplish that would be to join the game Bus Game. Soon enough you find out that it is not a game at all, and our heroes are fighting to keep their lives and fighting to obtain the disc that would allow them to enter the next level. As the level increases the amount of cash increases as well. These 3 people were put together in the team due to the fact that their reasons for wanting so much cash was not stated on their application form. All 3 character bear very different personalities.

You soon find out that this game is probably a form of conspiracy. Dead bodies start to turn up (dead bodies of the players who lost) and the police are turning a blind eye to it stating that it was all classified as an accident. However, after watching ep 2 you are introduce to a female police officer who is determine to get to the bottom of these cases.

The rules of the game is basically to obtain the disc that your opponent has, or to protect the disc that you are holding from your opponents. The groups are classified into ‘Home’ and ‘Away’. ‘Home’ being that you are at your base and you have to protect and ‘Away’ being that you are the outside team that needs to obtain the disc. At each level you are given a different task of being ‘Home’ or ‘Away’. And as the level increases the toughness of each team increases and the cash reward increases too.

From the looks of things, 3 episodes is probably not able to complete the whole plot of this series and answer all the questions. Especially since in the second episode new characters are still being brought out.
I have a bad feeling that this would be one of those anime that just throw questions out one after another and never answers them.
I really cannot comprehend the meaning behind those anime, unless they wish to get the audience to buy the manga to read on and find out.
However, Bus Gamer’s manga was only a 1 book thing as well.

In the first ep the team is ‘Away’

At the end of the first ep Saito is in a big pinch and is being held at knife point. ^^

Of course, our dynamic trio clears the first stage safe and sound.

And they have to plan for the next level. This time they are ‘Home’

And at the end of the second ep, the police lady is bringing in our trio for questioning.

How did it get this way? Someone brought a gun in their school bag and it fell out and dropped right in front of her. lol.

Overall it kept me fairly entertained. It was quite a nice anime to watch. Nothing big or huge happening but it was not boring either.

I must say that Saito does get on my nerves sometimes though. Him making so much noise and being the weakest. But it is not something that can’t be tolerated.

It is a short series and a short fun plot. A tad bit of action, good looking characters, and some fun here and there. Nothing too serious or nothing too good either. The beginning of the series was draggy though, especially with Saito going on and on about being team mates. Seemed pointless. In addition to that, the sudden change in the attitudes of the characters were weird too. Like how suddenly they had manage to get all friendly and so on so forth.

Rating…. 6.5/10 for now.

-ra out

oh, and guess who makes a cameo as a game character!

Darker Than BLACK – Bonus Episode

Darker than BLACK on ANN

Rendevous at the playground for Hei and his gang.

It is spring time in the world of Darker than BLACK and the gang is back once again. This episode takes place before the whole situation in the final arc(Gate) of the series.

I love this series. It is not great, but there is a sort of charm to this series that keeps me wanting more.

Anyway, this episode is quite fun, you get to see the police gang and hei’s gang again. They are chasing after some sort of chemical that was taken out from beyond the Gate and a special code. While this may have been the main catalyst for the events that happen, i felt that the idea of relationships and love was more of the main issue in this episode.

Hei’s secret is revealed!!! Ooooo….nice.

and who see this? none other than…

the police lady and collarbones girl. ^^

and due to our poor kitty having a lover, he got so shocked that he dropped the secret product.


What happens?

T_T everyone forgot what happened.
So while I support the nice revelation, I wished that they did not lose their memories right after that. It is just sad….

Ok, what caused the memory lost? That pink thing that you see above.
What does it contain? Watch and find out.
But if you don’t have the time to watch it then….. here is the answer… an allergy medicine..

While it was fun to watch, there was really not much of a point to the episode except to entertain the fans of Darker Than BLACK who are craving for an extra episode to feast on.

A mindless goose chase filled with love in the air.
That is probably how I would describe this episode.

-ra out!

Random Note: Collarbones. LOL, I wonder if you could recognize the collarbones of people. Though i have to say that Hei does have good collarbones. ^^v I support. haha. go watch this ep and you will know what i meant by collarbones. ^^

Just for fun. 😛

Dennō Coil ep 01

Dennō Coil on ANN

Denno Coil. Get ready to be transported into the world of virtual pets. But unlike the Tamagochi era on earth, these pets do not live on the screen of mini toys. Rather, like the name of the first ep states – The Children With Glasses, these kids can see the virtual world through special glasses.

In the first episode we get a glimpse of what the whole thing is about. Like, pets and them entering a different place. It made me quite lost in the sense that, I felt that that world was a weird place and i haven’t got a clue as to how it works. Technology, humans. And are children the only ones who can see those pets? I doubt it right?

From the first ep I cannot seem to see where this anime is going. As in, the direction as to which it is headed.

The animation is clean and nice. Kinda reminds me of Studio Ghibli’s characters. The pets are funny, especially the ojisan(refer to 2nd image). I don’t really understand why the ratings for this anime is so good because I personally felt it to be mediocre only. But I guess once can’t really tell much from the first ep.

Anyway, unlike Pokemon and Digimon, while this anime involves weird pets and creatures as well as kids, that is probably as far as the similarities go. It does not seem to be a childish anime and I am glad of that fact. However, it does not seem to be the type of anime that I would like. _(^.^)_ sorry to the fans of this anime.

Rating- 6/10

-ra out

xxxHolic Review

xxxHolic on ANN

Enter our hero of this anime. Watanuki.

Lol. As you can see from the above screen caps, he is constantly attracting spirits. But unlike the power of Ichigo from Bleach, this one attracts annoying spirits that disturb and frightening him to no end. ^_^

xxxHolic is from the infamous CLAMP girls.

The first impression i had from the character designs and storyline was… hmm… sounds ok enough… the art is weird… eh… might not watch it right now… perhaps when i am bored then i will give it a shot. Big mistake. But that was months ago when i first was the anime. This is my second time watching this anime again. xxxHolic is coming out with a new Season next month. xxxHolic : Kei. I honestly can’t wait for it to come out.

After watching the first episode, the characters charm you. CLAMP has done it once again.
They characters might be out of proportion with overly elongated bodies and a weird sense of fashion, but, there is a charm to it and i could not help but fall in love with these characters and want to just watch more of this series.

Back to the summary.
Watanuki is constantly chased around by spirits and one that he chances upon a store owned by Yuuko. She has the ability to grant wishes and the store that she owns is one that grants peoples wishes in exchange for something of high value to them. Watanuki’s wish was to finally be rid of the burden of this curse(gift) for attracting spirits. The price? He ends up working at Yuuko’s store, cooking, cleaning, looking after Yuuko and doing odd stuff all over the place. Basically, he turned into a maid.

Step in his “best friend” <g>. Doumeki studies at the same school as Watanuki and Watanuki hates his guts. Doumeki has the power of exorcism. As such, he often ends up helping Watanuki.

Thrown in a little bit of love, Himawari-chan. Watanuki is just gaga over this girl.

What happens in this weird world? Watch it and find out.

With a nice balance of comedy, supernatural elements and nice artwor, xxxHolic is a great anime to watch for some lighthearted entertainment. Throw in a little horror and psychological fun. It is just perfect to one who wants lighthearted entertainment that can keep you entertained throughout the whole season of the anime.

The whole season comprises of mostly short stories that have little linkage to none at all between them. But it works for this anime and it does not get boring to watch.

There is no fix factor really in this anime. I mean, Watanuki does not go around slaying spirits or whatever. All we see is just the weird things that happens in the store and out of it. The different customers the store gets and the life of Watanuki and Yuuko.

This anime might get boring for some people. There is no action and big fighting sequences. It is not a “pretty” anime. It is beautiful but in a not so standard style. There is no climax. If you wanted a curve drawn for the tension in this series. it would probably be a flat line that hangs right in the center of the y axis.

While the characters are interesting and nice and fun and all, they are forgettable after a month or so. They don’t really have a strong presence. There is little to no character development. But personally, i feel that even if that were the case, i still like this anime.

The replay value for this anime is fairly high for me. I like to watch it when i just want to pass time and enjoy myself.

So, you might want to give it a shot if possible.

And when you are done with it, it would be just in time to watch the second season of xxxHolic.

Rating? 8/10 

-ra out! ^_^

Ghost Hunt – ep01-25 Review

Ghost Hunt at AnimeNewsNetwork

Have you ever watched an anime that kept making you want to re-watch it over and over again eventhough you know that it is not the best Anime in the world but it just is able to capture your attention because of the way it was executed. From the sound effects to the use of different approaches, Ghost Hunt is the anime that I adore to bits. One of the main reasons might be because it is different.

It is not a happy go lucky anime, and despite its name it is not an anime that is out to scare the crap out of you.

It is an anime with character designs that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, and this contrasts with the spooky background music and the scary-at-times plot. The combination is just perfect in my opinion, and this is probably the reasons why i like it so much, because it is not here nor just, just sitting perfectly on the fence between uncomfortable and comfortable animes to watch.

Shibuya Psychic Research – SPR
It is a business ran Kazuya Shibuya. SPR as the name suggests, specializes in dealing with cases related to phenomenon happenings.


Taniyama Mai

She is just a normal high schooler who likes to tell the occasional ghost stories with her friend because it is exciting. She is not the brightest, but she is not stupid either. She is basically a nice down to earth girl who gets caught up with SPRC. She broke a camera in the first episode and helps with a ghost case to help ease her conscience. After the first case she was offered a part time job and became part of the team of SPR. She has a crush on Kazuya Shibuya but don’t expect this to be a romance Anime.

Kazuya Shibuya aka Naru the Narcissist

17 year old boss of the SPRC. He is nick named Naru-chan by Mai due to his narcissistic attitude. He is intelligent and good looking and loves to make fun of Mai’s stupidity. Naru is a workaholic and he works non stop be it on off days or even if he is hospitalized. His background is unknown except for the fact that his father is a professor. Even though he seems heartless at times, he shows that he is not as cold blooded as everyone pictured him to be. He is the love interest of 2 of the female characters.

Koujo Lin

Little is known about this man. He is Naru’s assistant plays the role of a guardian at times. He is chinese and a very very silent guy. Plus i think that he is really tall especially when he stands next to Mai. In the first arc he was injured and thus Mai was hired to take his place as being the assistant. But by the end of the first arc he makes a full recovery and Mai gets offered a part time job.

Ayako Matsuzaki & Houshou Takigawa

John Brown

Hara Masako

These few are psychics and exorcists. Ayako is a priestess, and Takigawa is a monk. But neither are your typical priestess and monk characters. John Brown is an exorcists from Australia and Hara Masako is a famous spirit channeler. They were hired by the client in the first arc and were subsequently asked by SPRC to aid in other cases.


Those were the main casts and I think the chemistry between the characters and the behavior of each character complements one another and no one is useless in this anime. Maybe that is why i just love all the cast that make this anime such an enjoyable one. The anime is a arc by arc anime, and each arc is not related to each other. There is little character development except for Mai and this is probably one of the faults. It is more of an entertaining anime than one that is deep and well developed.


The characters are pleasant
The animation is good
The opening is really good, with its spooky lyric-less music.
Each arc is interesting and captivating
There is a nice balance
I just adore the characters.

The fact that each arc is slightly too individual. I understand that the show is suppose to be about ghosts and not about love but i would have like to see some development between Naru and Mai.
I also don’t like the fact that Naru’s past is closed by that you dont really know anything about him.
I dont really like the Masako character. she seems spoilt (i know, this is so random. haha)
It would have been better to see a development with a main focus as a overall story rather than just cases one after another.


Overall, i like to eat cornflakes in the middle of the night and watch this anime. ^^
It is entertaining, it can frighten you at times, it can make your giggle at times too. Not too shounen nor shoujo. If there was such a thing as a balanced anime I would list this as one of them.

I would give is a 9/10 just cos i love it so much. But if i were to be fair i would say it is worth 8/10

Osamu Yasuhara

He is my favourite character, too bad he appears only halfway through the series. I think he is so cool and funny. LOL.

Alright then, that’s all for Ghost Hunt.

-ra out! ^^ take care! ghoooost hunt is great! you should reeeeeally catch it!

Haibane Renmei – 01

Haibane Renmei on AnimeNewsNetwork

You are introduced to the world of Haibane Renmei through the experience of a little girl Rakka. The first scene is of her falling though the sky and being “reborn” from a large cocoon.
The people in this place called Haibane, it is a name that they have given themselves. They dont know who they are and have no memories of the outside world. They are isolated in this place and unable to leave. Soon enough after being reborn, they start to sprout wings and a halo is attached to their head. All they have are their dreams of when they were in the cocoon and they are named after the type of dream that they had. Rakka had a dream of falling through the sky from a high place and was named after that dream. You get a sense that she used to be human (whats to say that they are not right now) when she questions about the people outside and her saying she wanted to go home. However, she was told that that was not possible, just like how she does not remember the people out there or who she use to be, those people don’t remember her either.

A lot of mysteries and unanswered questions about the place are placed on the table and it seems like an anime that would not disappoint. The pace of the show is normal not being too slow or too fast and the feeling that you get from this anime is a feeling of relaxation.

Episode 1 ends nicely with her becoming one of them.

-ra out