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No. 6 – 03 Review

I am unable to insert screen captures right now so I will have to insert them at a later time, sorry. Just got home and here are the screencaps I promised you all! =)

It seems like things are going to slow down from this epsiode onwards in the sense that we are not going to have a big skip in time.

This episode looks to be a plot building episode which will steer us in the direction on what the rest of the series will focus on (or so it seems that way).

Episode 3 – Life and Death
(contains episode spoilers)

We start off where the last episode left off with Shion in the west city. This city is where No. 6 dumps all it’s unwanted “trash”.

Shion is reading Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Nezumi’s room and is amazed by the story. Shion then says that books such as those were not allowed in No. 6.
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