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No. 6 Review

No. 6 Series Review

It took awhile but here is my couple of weeks late review of BONES’ No.6 series =)

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No.6 – 11 Review

Talk about stating the obvious

Episode 11

So this episode wraps up the series and boy was this episode a roller coaster ride.

With the show having only one episode to tie up all lose ends, it decided to give itself a bigger challenge and tie up all the loose ends in half an episode instead (I am not kidding, they tried to answer all the questions in half an episode). Amazing right? Except for the fact that it rushed and somewhat unsatisfying, but this was always going to be the case.

Note: Will add the screencaps later in the day due to lack of time. I did not expect the post to end up being this long.
(One has to work to feed one’s self, sadly love doesn’t pay the bills. =P) 

I have uploaded images and went nuts on them. =)

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No. 6 – 10 Review

I just love all the “beautiful” scenes of the desolate West District against a sunset/sunrise.

Episode 10

So this was a pretty intense episode with an over darker atmosphere as compared to the rest of the series.

Nezumi and Shion are finally in the correctional facility and they are now making their way through the place to get to Safu with help from Inukashi and Rikigai.

Note: This episode was a pretty emotional one for Nezumi.

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No. 6 – 09 Review

This is never a good sign

Episode 09

Alright, so we are nearing the 3/4 point for most of the summer series and this show is still by far the most intriguing one for me.

This was quite an intense and dramatic episode with things blowing up, humans getting tossed around, incomplete sentences annoying you to death and of course… more secrets.

Whilst this episode did show the plot progressing towards the fateful ‘Holy Day’ and saving Safu, the script writers did not fail to add in more minor questions/secrets after solving some of the current ones.

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No.6 – 08 Review

Nezumi: Nice view Shion

Episode 08

I am not sure what to make of this episode. Everything is starting to come together (it feels like the stars are aligning up) and everything is falling into place in preparation for the attack on No.6.

The whole episode was spent on divulging more on the past of Nezumi and explaining what No.6 is as well as the connection that it has to all the characters including the bee epidemic issue.

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No.6 – 07 Review

Episode 7

Such a nice and touching episode including a first kiss between Nezumi and Shion. \(^ ^)/

Ahh.. So this episode resolves a few issues and the main characters are starting to express their thoughts as well as their feeling more openly. There is still a shroud of mystery surrounding No.6 but it seems like the plot is starting to come together nicely.

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No. 6 – 06 Review

Episode 6

Oh man, this was such a tense episode! The shifting dynamics between the relationship of Nezumi, Safu and Shion in this episode was worrying to watch. I can’t wait to see where this leads to but somehow I feel that it won’t be to a good place without hurt.

And Safu, why did you have to come back and toss everything into turmoil! Damn you. Anyway, here is the episode summary…

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Summer 2011 Anime Mid-Season Review

Seeing as to how we are approaching the middle of the season, most anime by now should have given us a proper impression and have set the mood for what the rest of the series will be like.

All the plot building should mostly be done, and we should be getting into the midst of the action. As such, I find it only fair to do a mid-season review of the anime of Summer 2011.

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No. 6 – 05 Review

Episode 5

*cough**groan* I seem to have come down with a cold (refer to image above to see how I look like now). Bummer. On the up side of things, I just got a new MacBook Pro and am learning how to use Lion and trying to get Adobe installed into it. Argh…

Anyway, to start off the rush of reviews since it is the weekend, here is a review for you guys on Ep 5 of No. 6.

Boy was this episode filled with BL yumminess… Shion and Nezumi dancing, increased contact and even a confession of sorts.

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No. 6 – 04 Review

“Get away from me woman, I only like men!”

Episode 4

Sorry for the day late review, kinda crashed after doing Blood-C’s review last night.

This was another good episode. As compared to the plot progression that was shown in the last few episodes, this one focused more on the character development between Shion and Nezumi and their changing personalities.

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