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One Piece 1/1 Scale Thousand Sunny Ship in Japan

The famous One Piece ship, Thousand Sunny was recently built in a 1/1 scale in Japan. This enormous ship is currently located in Odaiba for Display from July 16th to August 31st 2011.

How cool does it look right? Here are more images that I had found of the ship:

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Toriko – Review

Having just discovered my new favourite anime, I felt like I just HAD to post a review on it.

With the new trend of wimpy/slim-line heroes, it is a breath of fresh air to see a more “manly” main character. But this “manly” main character design was also the main reason why I put off watching this anime for a whole season. The only reason why I finally picked it up is because Takahiro Sakurai is one of the voice actors for the series. Though honestly, I could not care less after watching the first episode as I had been charmed by it.
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