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xxxHOLIC: Kei 06

Episode 6 – Peace-The Flower
(post contains spoilers}

This episode mainly focuses on the game Mahjong played between Watanuki, Doumeki, Yuko, and Mokona.
Though it may have seemed to be a relatively filler episode at first, we find out later that the reason behind why they played Mahjong was because of the Cherry Blossom spirit that we encountered in the previous episode. Read the rest of this entry

xxxHOLIC: Kei 05

Episode 05 – Affinity-Kohane

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xxxHOLIC: Kei – 04

Episode 4 – Buying Dreams

In this episode, dreams and reality mix together to form a surreal feeling.
Which parts of what you see are just dreams and which part is actually happening?
Watanuki is suddenly experiencing dreams in the middle of the road without even knowing that he had fallen asleep.
The weirdest of all is that the dream was a mixture of Himawari’s dream and Doumeki’s dream.
And of course, it is Yuuko (and Doumeki’s grandpa) to the rescue!
Trading dreams, buying dreams, having dreams, and reality.
An alternate plane, balloons filled with dreams, strange creatures who collect the balloons, magical arrows and much more.
This is one weird episode that is true to the custom of the mystery filled xxxHOLIC series.

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xxxHOLIC: Kei – 03

Episode 3 – Half

This episode is the final ep in this 3-ep arc.

Summary: Watanuki is off saving the Zashiki-Warashi.

This episode mainly revolves around Watanuki and his lack of understanding of certain things.
He does not fully grasp the fact that his existence is important to some people.

While this might have been an episode about the eye, it is at the same time not.

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xxxHOLIC: Kei – 02 review

Episode 2 – Left Eye

XDEpisode 2 of xxxHOLIC is out!!!!! WOOOhoo!!!

After a boring episode (that drained the life out of me) of Bus Gamer, xxxHOLIC fills my life back with joy and happiness in the second episode of season 2! wahahahaha

From the previous eps we know that Doumeki is trying to find a way to save Watanuki’s eye and so he has decided to read all the books on curses and stuff like that.

What does out dear Watanuki-kun do? Read the rest of this entry

xxxHOLIC: Kei ep 01 review

Ep 1 – Spider 蜘蛛 クモノス

The first ep of xxxHolic Kei is out!!!

Woohoo!!! Watanuki, Doumeki, Yuuko, Mokona, and the rest of the gang, oh ya, Watanuki’s dearest Himawari is back too!

The new OP of the season is not too bad, it is not as catchy as the previous season but it was good.

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Shigofumi ep 12(final)

Surprise surprise! 2 of them!
and they are pissed at each other…

now Fumi is crying…

which leads to Mika crying as well…

and they both lived happily ever after… ^_^


Well, this is *kinda* what happened during the last ep. In the previous ep, the ending was kind of a cliffhanger and we were left to ponder if Fumi shot Mika. Well, this ep we find out she didn’t. Fumi became quite an arrogant kid in this ep though.
She FINALLY told someone of the abuse she got from her father, and i like the way they played out that part.
The after events of the accusation was nicely done, she became an overnight celebrity and people started to talk about her. But none of what was said was actually good. They commented on her beauty, they commented on how she was lying or how she was out to ruin her dad.
And it was normal for Fumi to get insecure (since she already is an expert at that), and she started to get somewhat paranoid.

Her mother was a classic though. Her mom was so… bimbotic.
When Fumika wanted to get acknowledge by her mother, her mom just hugged her and said how pretty she was (all thanks to the good genes) and how she hope Fumi will be happy. Yup, she ditch the kid to be with a boyfriend. Apparently she is not ready to be a mother cos she loves being a woman. (reminds me of my own mother…^^; .
Best thing yet, she wanted to feel what being a real woman was all about so that was why she decided to do the whole marriage, giving birth thing.
Yes, thing.

Lol, well, it served as somewhat of a comic relief I guess.

Overall, though it was a short series, i had some fun with it. It is not the greatest thing ever, but it was not horrible either.
The fact that this anime got licensed in the USA just 2 months after the first part came out on DVD in Japan must mean something.

Yes, the American companies are getting greedy… 30 bucks for one ep! oh, but there is a “better” deal 40 bucks for 2 eps! WHAT A SAVE!!! =.=” I know that they want to shorten the gap between the released in Japan and in the States so that sales will hopefully pick up. But if I remember my economics (or if i remember common sense) increase prices usually results in decrease in the sales. 40 dollars is just too expensive. 40 bucks for the whole season might be worth considering if they can get it released just as fast.

Anyway, back on topic.

It is an ok show. A episodic kind of thing except for the last 3 eps that became somewhat of an arc I guess.
The idea of delivering letters from the dead was an interesting one, I just wished that they focused more on that rather then turn it into a story of Fumika. I get that she is the lead but if the whole story of her was played out over the whole series instead while being intertwined with the plot of delivering the last letter, it would be much better.
But this is my personal opinion.
I just felt that the plot veered kind of off-course towards the end.



Just like Kekkaishi, interesting, ok, entertaining. It is a short series and i am glad that it is a short one. There was not much of a story behind Fumika anyway. (I felt so dissapointed).

The targeted audience would probably be kids from 14>

There is nothing gruesome or anything. It is just that it is not much of a fun plot with pretty bombastic colors that kids would like.
Plus most of the time the characters are not even bashing each other up. Where’s the fun in that for a kid?

-ra out!


xxxHolic Review

xxxHolic on ANN

Enter our hero of this anime. Watanuki.

Lol. As you can see from the above screen caps, he is constantly attracting spirits. But unlike the power of Ichigo from Bleach, this one attracts annoying spirits that disturb and frightening him to no end. ^_^

xxxHolic is from the infamous CLAMP girls.

The first impression i had from the character designs and storyline was… hmm… sounds ok enough… the art is weird… eh… might not watch it right now… perhaps when i am bored then i will give it a shot. Big mistake. But that was months ago when i first was the anime. This is my second time watching this anime again. xxxHolic is coming out with a new Season next month. xxxHolic : Kei. I honestly can’t wait for it to come out.

After watching the first episode, the characters charm you. CLAMP has done it once again.
They characters might be out of proportion with overly elongated bodies and a weird sense of fashion, but, there is a charm to it and i could not help but fall in love with these characters and want to just watch more of this series.

Back to the summary.
Watanuki is constantly chased around by spirits and one that he chances upon a store owned by Yuuko. She has the ability to grant wishes and the store that she owns is one that grants peoples wishes in exchange for something of high value to them. Watanuki’s wish was to finally be rid of the burden of this curse(gift) for attracting spirits. The price? He ends up working at Yuuko’s store, cooking, cleaning, looking after Yuuko and doing odd stuff all over the place. Basically, he turned into a maid.

Step in his “best friend” <g>. Doumeki studies at the same school as Watanuki and Watanuki hates his guts. Doumeki has the power of exorcism. As such, he often ends up helping Watanuki.

Thrown in a little bit of love, Himawari-chan. Watanuki is just gaga over this girl.

What happens in this weird world? Watch it and find out.

With a nice balance of comedy, supernatural elements and nice artwor, xxxHolic is a great anime to watch for some lighthearted entertainment. Throw in a little horror and psychological fun. It is just perfect to one who wants lighthearted entertainment that can keep you entertained throughout the whole season of the anime.

The whole season comprises of mostly short stories that have little linkage to none at all between them. But it works for this anime and it does not get boring to watch.

There is no fix factor really in this anime. I mean, Watanuki does not go around slaying spirits or whatever. All we see is just the weird things that happens in the store and out of it. The different customers the store gets and the life of Watanuki and Yuuko.

This anime might get boring for some people. There is no action and big fighting sequences. It is not a “pretty” anime. It is beautiful but in a not so standard style. There is no climax. If you wanted a curve drawn for the tension in this series. it would probably be a flat line that hangs right in the center of the y axis.

While the characters are interesting and nice and fun and all, they are forgettable after a month or so. They don’t really have a strong presence. There is little to no character development. But personally, i feel that even if that were the case, i still like this anime.

The replay value for this anime is fairly high for me. I like to watch it when i just want to pass time and enjoy myself.

So, you might want to give it a shot if possible.

And when you are done with it, it would be just in time to watch the second season of xxxHolic.

Rating? 8/10 

-ra out! ^_^

Terra e 01-03

Terra e on ANN

Also known as Toward the Terra.

This is a story about a boy called Jomy and the race of humans called Mu who posses psychic powers.

Plot Summary: In the far future, humanity has left behind an environmentally destroyed Terra and began colonization in order to reproduce their home. Humanity, now ruled by a super computer that controls the birth of children, sees the emergence of a new race called the “Mu”. The Mu, now hidden from the rest of humanity, have one dream, to return home, to Terra… – ANN

Throughout the first 3 eps, you are introduced to the characters and into the life of this boy called Jomy. He is suppose to be a Mu, but he does not believe that he is. Who can blame him, after all, in one moment his whole life changed (like in so many other anime). Basically, he is suppose to be really strong and special, he is suppose to be able to complete the task that Soldier Blue could not (the boss of the Mu). We don’t know what the task is yet but i am sure we will find out soon.

I have a feeling that Soldier blue will die in the next ep. I don’t know, i hope he doesn’t.

Anyway, apart from his ability to read minds, we have not exactly seen any part of Jomy’s power.
They kept emphasizing that he has a strong will, and that he used his will etc etc. Is that his power?
I mean, i would see the strong will thing as being plain stubborn. I hope that this is not the basis behind the powers of these people.

Anyway, the characters are too pale and pasty for my taste. And they looks a little… stuffy and ill? haha

Did i mention that the OP is done by Uverworld? One of my favorite Japanese band. (i have liked their music since they did the OP in bleach a couple of years back)

Rating? 6.5/10
It keeps me interested at times, but sometimes some of the dialogue gets quite weird. Like with the whole will thing. It sounds like an educational anime where they want to teach you the strength of will power. <g>

I shall watch on and update as i go.
First, i need to get my hands on the rest of the eps…

-ra out!-

Shigofumi – 04-09

I just watched the rest of the eps of shigofumi (well, up till the latest release at least) and i have to admit that it was not at all where i thought the direction of the show was heading.

Recurring cast of Shigofumi. (They are heading to an island for a break!(ep9))

I thought it would be another Ghost Hunt arc by arc kinda plot, however, you realize that apart from the first two eps, the rest are all tied together. There is a little hint of romance and the plot builds up from ep 4-8 about the past of Fumika (the Shigofumi girl).
Ep 9 gives you a view into the life of another Shigofumi girl. It is a short and sweet ep and while the episodes do revolve around the delivery of letters to the dead, the interesting parts of the story is not about those letters but rather about the story behind the people who receive them.

I like the animation style for this anime and it makes it an enjoyable treat.
A relaxing plot with just enough suspense to keep you going and characters(main as well as the supporting casts) that you are able to relate to at times.

Until so far, i would give it a rating of…….. 8/10
It is not the greatest, but it is above average.

People who like a bit of suspense and slice of life in their anime.

-ra out!-