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Review-Roundup: Kuzu No Honkai 05-07, Idol Jihen 06-08


Hey, who doesn’t look to Idol Jihen for political commentary, right? There’s nothing weird about a living statue of a famous Japanese politician complaining about globalism to an idol who’s also a politician whose priority is to host a nice little party in the Nation Diet Building. Nothing grotesque about that!

This time I review:

Kuzu no Honkai 05-07: I guess, we can all relate to this series and we’ve all been in this place where it is difficult to find friends to talk to – but we still have a bunch of readily available fuckbuddies (through luck, one-sided attraction or just pure coincidence). After all, what is love? Of course, it’s being attracted to that one person that REALLY doesn’t like you (or doesn’t want to have sex with you… but what’s the difference really, right?!). Lucky for you, this means now you can safely have sex with everyone else without any guilt! And you can still believe in love because you ARE still in love. It’s just that, well, you gotta, at least, fuck sometimes, right?

But! What if the person who you’re in love with doesn’t love you back?!

Who cares?! Just fuck’em anyway (and it isn’t rape because it’s probably just another person in love which means they can’t be together with the actual person they love but they gotta, at least, fuck someone sometimes…)!

Life’s a rollercoaster, man!

Idol Jihen 06-08: Politics is hard. Especially all those parts where you have to discuss politics with other politicians in some building. Of course, the whole thing doesn’t get easier for these idols since they still claim to be idols. You might think: “How can some girls from the entertainment-industry govern a country?” Well, you see, they don’t. They simply go to some guys in the countryside and those guys tell them what they should do. Or the idol has a trippy dream about some statues coming to life and telling her that globalization sucks ass.

Oh, and I guess even Idol-Dietwomen can’t escape the scourge that is “fake-news”.

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ACCA 13-Ku Kansatsu-Ka – 04-06 Review


Guess this character’s not a big fan of haircuts…

ACCA 13-Ku Kansatsu-Ka04-06: Jean’s in deep trouble. A lot of people are still convinced that he’s instrumental to the coup d’etat movement. Mostly, probably, because he seems to make a habit of getting into trouble. Not that’s it’s hard to get into trouble as an inspector considering how imbalanced and flawed those 13 nations are. A nation that embraces isolation for the sake of abandoning innovation? Just how culturally paranoid do you have to be to do something like that?!

And the rest try to bribe Jean, so that he would reveal useful information and not look too closely at what some part of the elites in these 13 nations are planning. Guess it pays off after all to be at the heart of a conspiracy against your will…

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Review-Roundup: Idol Jihen 04/05, Masamune-kun No Revenge 02-05, Fuuka 04-06, Kuzu No Honkai 03/04


Who could’ve guessed…? Idol Jihen actually finds its footing in episode five as misogyny becomes the villain. I mean, it’s still an absolutely ridiculous series, of course, but, hey, you take what you can get with a series like this one.

This time I review:

Idol Jihen 04/05: A swimsuit-contest turns out to be about the idols’ connection to the ocean and their right to dress the way they want. And in episode 05 preschool-children protest the closing of their school while a sleazy politician learns that as many women are working professionals his views on women are completely outdated.

Masamune-kun no Revenge 02-05: A whole series about a fat guy who worked his ass off to become good-looking and exact revenge on the girl who dared to reject his love when they were children – except it turns out the two are meant for each other. It only took four episodes to tell that story. But the series is cheap enough to just make up shit to keep the story going. I guess, there are enough suckers out there who actually give a shit about the idiots in this series. Otherwise, you just got the signal from the series that watching any more of it will be a waste of time.

Fuuka 04-06: Music. We all have it. So how hard can it be to be a really talented genius? Not that hard apparently because two such persons are fighting over the main-dude’s heart. Yeah, this broomstick of a loser is apparently at the center of a LOT of romantic attention these days. Turns out his two best friends on Twitter are cute girls who are ready to “get it on” (if you know what I mean 😉 ). And Fuuka also wants to fuck him. Anyway, the whole band-thing is also a gimme since it turns out that they just happen to know a famous band. Nothing unbelievable about that!

Kuzu no Honkai 03/04: Love hurts. But also, Love Is A Battlefield. And with all her might Hanabi tries to escape a Total Eclipse Of The Heart. But it turns out there’s someone out there who’s very similar to her. It’s Akane, the woman who stole the man she’s in love with, a woman who’s a Maneater.

Yep, it turns out, it’s that kind of series.

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Kimi No Na Wa. – Review


While this is a movie that tries its best to base its supernatural elements on Shintoism, you probably shouldn’t spend too much time about whether the mechanics of the supernatural make sense in this movie. Also, instead, how about you just enjoy the view!

Kimi no Na wa. : Look, destiny can be a real bitch sometimes, you know? There’s a person out there who you’re meant to be with! ‘Great!’, you might say, ‘Spares me the hassle of dating!’. But here’s the catch: This person lives hundreds of miles away. And destiny can’t just, like, write on your  bedroom-wall “Hey, dumdum, your true love is over there!”. No, gotta make it complicated!

Enter Mitsuha and Taki. The former lives in the countryside and the latter lives in Tokyo. Occasionally, they bodyswap. Well, I guess, everybody needs a hobby. Anyway, they’re meant for each other.

I mean, it’s better than the plot to Serendipity (the movie from 2001 that turns the concept of ‘meet-cute’ into a whole movie for whatever reason), right?

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Review-Roundup: Fuuka 03, Kuzu no Honkai 01


I get it! He’s gay! Is that supposed to become some sort of running gag that the good-looking dude is gay…?

This time I review:

Fuuka 03: Ah, youth… isn’t it nice? You need money and there’s just some part-time-job waiting for you around the corner!

Yuu, Fuuka and the gay guy are traveling to the beach to earn some much-needed cash (which they couldn’t get from their parents because… uh, I guess, they’re not part of the target-demographic of this series).

There’s just one problem! Yuu sucks at… Well, actually he just sucks as a person in general.

But Fuuka motivates him to rise above and for once act like a decent person. What a man!

And later he fails at rescuing Fuuka, so he gets rescued by her instead. (Go figure how that makes sense)

Hey, at least, there’s still a J-Pop-idol who wants to jump Yuu’s wiener, right?

Kuzu no Honkai 01: Love sucks. Especially if it’s unrequited love. Two people with that fate (nearly) become “friends with benefits” while pretending to be a couple.

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Winter 2017 – First Impressions


Ah, being asked by a cute girl to pretend to be her boyfriend! It’s the teenage experience we can all relate to surely! Boys are getting asked by cute girls to act like their boyfriends all the time and cute girls just can’t seem to find a functioning relationship and therefore have to resort to asking people they barely know to act as if they’re their boyfriends… What a realistic and relatable scenario!

I’ve yet to see a single series I really want to review but I’ve had a little bit more time than during the previous seasons. So, I’ve watched nearly every new series that has to come out and this is a short list of first impressions for the series I have seen. So far, my favorites are Idol Jihen (which is a hot mess and REALLY weird), Little Witch Academia (with really good visuals)and Fuuka (which I probably would make fun of constantly for melodrama and having your typical idiot-protagonist).

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Flip Flappers – 13 Review

flip 1301

Ah, of course, blood… How else are you supposed to make anything look (supposedly) badass?

Flip Flappers 13: Turns out Cocona’s grandma is a robot, so nobody’s surprised to find out that her mother is some weird science-experiment-monster. But things are a bit more complicated than you’d think and her mother is a good guy but during the escape, she turned into a bad guy. Go figure what Cocona is supposed to do about that.

As all bad mothers, Mimi wants to smother her daughter Cocona in comfort. Naturally, Cocona rejects this since she had just accepted Papika’s proposal (which teaches you something about where persistence gets you in the dating-world).

What follows is a lot of fighting. But who can possibly know what will happen when the good guys battle the villain during the last episode of a series…

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Hibike! Euphonium S2 – 13 Review


You just gotta end a sentimental series like Hibike! Euphonium with a love confession, right? Except, well, it isn’t really a love confession – since, I guess, in this series’ universe girls say that all the time to each other apparently.

Hibike! Euphonium S2 13: Graduation! The third-years go, new first-years arrive…

It’s a time of goodbyes and new beginnings but Kumiko has one regret! She has yet to confess to her beloved Senpai!

I mean, this would be like the third woman she has confessed her love to within a year, but hey, what can you do, right? That’s what being young is all about!

And all the while people keep yammering about how she should be in love with Shuichi. That joke never gets old, I guess.

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Shuumatsu no Izetta – 12 Review


You just gotta love this series for its “subtle” commentary on history.

Shuumatsu no Izetta 12: It’s all or nothing for Eylstadt! Germania has a nuke! And the only thing that can prevent its use is (of course) Izetta!

Coincidentally, though, she has just received a power-up that allows her to battle the clone-witch…

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Hibike! Euphonium S2 – 12 Review


This series is obsessed with mentioning other schools and describing how successful they’ve been in the past. For a series, that’s supposedly all about the “trying hard is enough”-mentality, it’s strange just how often it can’t help itself but make it a status thing when characters mention other schools.

Hibike! Euphonium S2 12: As they say, it’s all about the journey and not the destination… even if during the journey all everybody could think about was to finally get to a destination. And I guess, usually the saying also implies that you actually got where you wanted to go. But let’s not dwell on that! Everything’s fine – no matter what the actual results are!

But on the bright side of things: Asuka’s dad still knew what his daughter looked like and Kumiko’s sister was there (who has been less of an asshole since she had confessed her problems to Kumiko).

And Reina confessed! The event so many people didn’t really wait for and that predictably didn’t go anywhere either…

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