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The Legend Of Korra: Book Of Change – 12/13 Review

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And so the third season of Legend Of Korra ends. I’m still feeling surprised by how good this season has been. I mean, it’s not like this is the first series that took its time to become good. There are plenty of those out there. But despite that it’s still always a surprise (albeit a pleasant one) when you watch this series that shows no signs of being good or improving for that matter but then all of a sudden… it actually IS good. Look, as a media-savvy person it’s easy to see the potential in certain plot-hooks, characters and whatnot which leads to certain expectations and that then leads to disappointment when the series doesn’t deliver (by either making those expectations come true or actually surprising me). So, the series is bad. There’s no way around, you gotta admit to yourself that this series you had high hopes for is kinda bad. You keep watching and all of a sudden the series gets good, REALLY good. Well, the question then becomes: What do you think of the series as a whole? I mean, I like this third season – but would I recommend the SERIES to anyone? After all, mathematically two thirds of this series are still not that great. Well, personally I think I actually would NOT recommend the series. This third season is great and all that but… the previous two seasons definitely aren’t the sort of thing I would recommend.  In the end, the third season just has really bad timing. The sort of quality it has brought to the table really has come far too late.

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The Legend Of Korra: Book Of Change – 10/11 Review

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Zaheer really doesn’t make a good case for anarchism, does he? Apparently mankind’s first instinct is looting when an important government-figure dies. “The tyrant is dead! Long live the reign of ‘survival of the fittest’!” may be a fitting slogan for Zaheer’s little “revolution” but you certainly won’t earn any peace-Nobel-prizes with that kind of philosophy. And then Zaheer goes on to threaten the “Air-Nation”, the only nation in the whole world without any significant hierarchical problems. Seriously, he better has some big-ass plan as to what he wants to do with the Avatar once he has captured her or otherwise he’s kinda pathetic in terms of being some sort of “political visionary”.

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