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Darker Than BLACK – Bonus Episode

Darker than BLACK on ANN

Rendevous at the playground for Hei and his gang.

It is spring time in the world of Darker than BLACK and the gang is back once again. This episode takes place before the whole situation in the final arc(Gate) of the series.

I love this series. It is not great, but there is a sort of charm to this series that keeps me wanting more.

Anyway, this episode is quite fun, you get to see the police gang and hei’s gang again. They are chasing after some sort of chemical that was taken out from beyond the Gate and a special code. While this may have been the main catalyst for the events that happen, i felt that the idea of relationships and love was more of the main issue in this episode.

Hei’s secret is revealed!!! Ooooo….nice.

and who see this? none other than…

the police lady and collarbones girl. ^^

and due to our poor kitty having a lover, he got so shocked that he dropped the secret product.


What happens?

T_T everyone forgot what happened.
So while I support the nice revelation, I wished that they did not lose their memories right after that. It is just sad….

Ok, what caused the memory lost? That pink thing that you see above.
What does it contain? Watch and find out.
But if you don’t have the time to watch it then….. here is the answer… an allergy medicine..

While it was fun to watch, there was really not much of a point to the episode except to entertain the fans of Darker Than BLACK who are craving for an extra episode to feast on.

A mindless goose chase filled with love in the air.
That is probably how I would describe this episode.

-ra out!

Random Note: Collarbones. LOL, I wonder if you could recognize the collarbones of people. Though i have to say that Hei does have good collarbones. ^^v I support. haha. go watch this ep and you will know what i meant by collarbones. ^^

Just for fun. 😛

Dennō Coil ep 01

Dennō Coil on ANN

Denno Coil. Get ready to be transported into the world of virtual pets. But unlike the Tamagochi era on earth, these pets do not live on the screen of mini toys. Rather, like the name of the first ep states – The Children With Glasses, these kids can see the virtual world through special glasses.

In the first episode we get a glimpse of what the whole thing is about. Like, pets and them entering a different place. It made me quite lost in the sense that, I felt that that world was a weird place and i haven’t got a clue as to how it works. Technology, humans. And are children the only ones who can see those pets? I doubt it right?

From the first ep I cannot seem to see where this anime is going. As in, the direction as to which it is headed.

The animation is clean and nice. Kinda reminds me of Studio Ghibli’s characters. The pets are funny, especially the ojisan(refer to 2nd image). I don’t really understand why the ratings for this anime is so good because I personally felt it to be mediocre only. But I guess once can’t really tell much from the first ep.

Anyway, unlike Pokemon and Digimon, while this anime involves weird pets and creatures as well as kids, that is probably as far as the similarities go. It does not seem to be a childish anime and I am glad of that fact. However, it does not seem to be the type of anime that I would like. _(^.^)_ sorry to the fans of this anime.

Rating- 6/10

-ra out

Gungrave review

Aww man!! This is a really touching anime. Well, both touching and depressing. Hmm, maybe touching is not the word to use, more like… moving perhaps?

Friendship, the iron code, turmoil, it is a really good anime overall.

I don’t like the idea of how the anime gets from bad to worst. Well, not the anime itself, but the situations in which the characters are placed in. It is one thing after another. And though they are all related (one huge situation that just kept spiraling out of control until it ends in the end ), it never gets happy. It is forever getting sadder and sadder.

However, this a excellent anime.

The internal turmoil that Brandon Heat AKA Beyond the Grave feels is portrayed in a different manner from the usual. Instead of giving you an insight into the head of the main character, all you are faced with is silence. Simply because he is a quiet guy.

The characters are all solidly developed and the story has a nice start to finish. There are no episodes that were unnecessary in my opinion. I like the way the flashback sequence was used in the final episode. I mean, i am pretty sure about what happened in the end. But you are not really given an outright answer as to the conclusion of the anime, which pleases me cos i get to think happy thoughts! haha

Overall, this anime is filled with blood and violence and is quite a heavy anime (not information wise, but mood wise). This is probably more of an anime for guys.

Rating… 9/10

It is good stuff.
Nice character development as well as animation. A solid plot.

What i don’t like about this is the occasional slow pace of the anime, and Grave’s cowboy outfit! (i know it is suppose to look cool, but the character looks cooler in a white tee and pants.) I like grave’s specs though, they look nice.

One thing i was shock to discover. I keep seeing promotional pictures of Gungrave, and grave is wearing that hideous outfit all the time. I thought that i would hate the character cos it was ugly but honestly, Brandon is a really good looking anime character. -shocked- ^^

seeeee… the character is actually good looking. And his specs is cool. (Though i don’t get the gray hair part. ^^; why did his hair turn gray?i mean it is not cos of age cos his hair suddenly appeared gray right after he *spoiler* died and got brought back from the dead and decided to start killing all the out of control monsters.)hmm…

-anyway, ra out! take care all!

Gungrave ep 01-08 review

Gungrave on ANN

I started watching this show because the creator of this anime was the same as that of Trigun. However, this anime is very different from Trigun. Sure there are guns. Sure it is about killing. Sure it is about the main character that does not want to kill others. But as the plot for gungrave progresses, it gets bleaker and bleaker. But the heaviness of the anime makes it a good anime.

It was not what i had expected when i started watching the anime. I was hoping for action, non stop action, or perhaps something like Trigun? But it was not what i got out of this anime.
The world of the Mafia.
The iron code.
Brandon Heat repeats a sentence that i found to be really interesting…

    “To protect means not to think about yourself for the sake of others.
But to keep on protecting means something different.
To keep on protecting means not to betray.

It is quite true really. Protecting means not to think about yourself. Well, just from that sentence you can probably tell the route that this anime is taking.

The characters are not “pretty” (as in cool or handsome or whatever) i mean the character animations are really nice, because the look of those characters bring out the essence of the anime and at the same time it does not make it seem too visually unappealing.

One thing i cannot stand is that the main character talks too little. But i understand why that is so, if he were as talkative as Vash it would not suit his character at all.

I hope that the anime continues to be good.

Hmm, the world of the mafia. I am starting to actually like watching anime that have a little of the mafia essence in it. It makes the anime seem interesting. To be able to get a glimpse (though i very very PG rated version of real life) of what the mafia may have been about or is about. (I am not *that* interested in that world, but it would be good not to think the world as being a pink and fluffy place. LOL)

Anyway, i shall keep on watching and update as soon as possible.

I hate harry macdowel (Brandon Heat’s bestfriend) he just seems to be a very… manipulative person.

Rating so far? 7.5/10
It is good but it can get slow at times.
The beginning is boring but important and as the story progresses it gets more interesting.

I feel for the character(Brandon Heat). He is a really good character. He does not do much, he does not say much, but from not doing and saying anything you can tell a lot of things. It is a very different feeling from those characters that talk non stop without any substance. Plus he is kinda different from the typical tormented heroes. He does not whine about how righteous he is being and how it is killing him inside or blame it on anyone. He does not say a thing about it cept for that phrase above. And he was saying that if he could tell his past self he wish that he was able to say

    “To protect means not to think about yourself for the sake of others.
But to keep on protecting means something different.
To keep on protecting means not to betray.

-ra out ^^

Gintama ep 51

GINTAMA!! lol, i love this show. It is such a lighthearted foolish show for you to watch and laugh about.
Gintama on ANN

This episode! Gin-san has a kid?! Gin san no kodomo!? Oh boy. LOL, you can just see how badly he is denying the fact that the kid is his. But honestly, when the kid looks like this—>

who would believe him? ^^

Poor fella. Anyway, more fun and laughter this episode as well, however this story carries on to the next ep too. So till then.. thats all for this ep!

What to expect: Some action, comedy, guest appearance of the shinsengumi and the usual cast.

Lol, the left and right thing in this ep is funny too. ^^ That plus the way they like to talk and mock our era. Apparently Gin-san’s excuse for the way the kid looks like that is that everyone looks like that now adays, what with all the gaming and computers that kids do.

-ra out!


Trigun on ANN

I know that this is a very old anime. But, as I spent my whole day rewatching it today I realized that old anime have a quality that many of the anime these days lack – quality.

I like the whole mood of the anime, and i like the way the characters were developed. The whole idea and the execution was really good.
I will not say that it is perfect, but it has the connecting factor. The viewers can connect with the anime and the characters in it. Though naturally the animation would not be as pretty as the more recent ones (picture might be noisy etc) everything else is really good. I am not good with words and i cant really put my finger on what it is exactly that makes it different from anime nowadays. I guess it boils down to the whole feel behind the anime.

Vash the Stampede. He is so adorable! A fool, and while there are many characters that irritate the hell out of me for the way they whine about how they don’t want to kill and yet so many innocents end up paying for that way of thinking, I can’t bring myself to hate Vash.

The first half of the anime gives off a lighter mood and it gets heavier as the anime progresses. From his past coming back to haunt him, to revelations, to death and suffering to internal torture and finally peace.

It is a good anime and if you have time on your hands to watch anime, this would be an anime worth giving up the more recent anime to watch this instead.

Give it a shot. (no pun intended)<g>

Btw, apparently a Trigun movie is scheduled to be release in 2009. Cant wait to see it!

-ra out!

Terra e 01-03

Terra e on ANN

Also known as Toward the Terra.

This is a story about a boy called Jomy and the race of humans called Mu who posses psychic powers.

Plot Summary: In the far future, humanity has left behind an environmentally destroyed Terra and began colonization in order to reproduce their home. Humanity, now ruled by a super computer that controls the birth of children, sees the emergence of a new race called the “Mu”. The Mu, now hidden from the rest of humanity, have one dream, to return home, to Terra… – ANN

Throughout the first 3 eps, you are introduced to the characters and into the life of this boy called Jomy. He is suppose to be a Mu, but he does not believe that he is. Who can blame him, after all, in one moment his whole life changed (like in so many other anime). Basically, he is suppose to be really strong and special, he is suppose to be able to complete the task that Soldier Blue could not (the boss of the Mu). We don’t know what the task is yet but i am sure we will find out soon.

I have a feeling that Soldier blue will die in the next ep. I don’t know, i hope he doesn’t.

Anyway, apart from his ability to read minds, we have not exactly seen any part of Jomy’s power.
They kept emphasizing that he has a strong will, and that he used his will etc etc. Is that his power?
I mean, i would see the strong will thing as being plain stubborn. I hope that this is not the basis behind the powers of these people.

Anyway, the characters are too pale and pasty for my taste. And they looks a little… stuffy and ill? haha

Did i mention that the OP is done by Uverworld? One of my favorite Japanese band. (i have liked their music since they did the OP in bleach a couple of years back)

Rating? 6.5/10
It keeps me interested at times, but sometimes some of the dialogue gets quite weird. Like with the whole will thing. It sounds like an educational anime where they want to teach you the strength of will power. <g>

I shall watch on and update as i go.
First, i need to get my hands on the rest of the eps…

-ra out!-

Gantz Review


If someone wanted me to describe the anime in 3 words it would be – Psychological, Action, Sex

Honestly, I somehow think sex plays a huge role in this anime… (no idea why) but from the amount of times sexual annotations have been inserted into the anime, it is hard for me to think otherwise. Not the usual big boob stuff, i really mean seeing a guy and girl get it on.

But that aside, Gantz turned out to be surprisingly good and entertaining to watch. By the end of ep 24 i knew that i liked the anime and i liked the ending though up till now i have yet to understand exactly what had happened in the end of the anime.
Goriness is also a major factor in this anime, there was never a killing action sequence without a bloody scene to help turn your stomach upside down. Heads go rolling, hands chopped off, exploding body parts, green blood, weird stuff, loads of murder (it is probably a main theme of this anime). But what is Gantz without this?
Of course, do not try to eat your dinner while you watch them battle it out. It is NOT a good idea to do so 😉

Apart from that, Gantz can be seen as a ‘deep’ anime that digs into the human psyche and our reactions to situations–thus enabling the anime to connect with its viewer on a certain level.
We find out in the 2nd episode that this anime is actually about a game. They are playing with their lives on their hands and they are made to question exactly how badly do they want to stay alive. Are the cons overweighting the pros? Is what they are made to do even right or justifiable?
Basically, it is your typical trying-to-explore-a-human-mind kinda anime, but throw in some action, gory scenes, sex to spice things up, and really serious character designs, this anime is brewing to kick ass!

I never found a slow minute with this anime, it is quick, captivating and unconventional.

If you are one for the darker side of anime, catch this anime. It is a pleaser.

Rating? 8/10

Unique storyline
Good male buddies that are close but yet not appearing to be gay
Emotional at times
Action pack
Unsettling (it is good when it is an aim)

They could do with lesser content that could lead to a MA18 rating (sexual wise)
Perhaps there were certain parts towards the end that could have been filled with more action and lesser talking. (these are really few)

Why minus 2 points?
Simply cos it is making me lose my appetite, that coupled with the fact there is just too much sexual stuff in it.

What is the anime about?

Think of a bunch of dead people who questions their existence going around killing cos a black ball tells them to do so, if they dont they die and they will get killed by the bad guys. You see a boy who turns into a twisted hero and at the end he can barely understand waht is going on and he finds out (but i for some reason did not find out what exactly the anime was all about!!! T_T yes, i am slow.)

-ra out!

Gantz – 01

Gantz at AnimeNewsNetwork


It is not a new anime, but it is a new anime that i am currently watching. Honestly, it can get quite disturbing at times with its gruesome scenes and its nudity scenes.

The Story
The anime is interesting in the sense that unlike many others where you watch a story unfold, you are invited into the minds of the characters. One scene would be at the beginning of the story. You are first introduced to the main character when the camera invites you into the mind of this high schooler where he imagines his teacher and the rest of the girls in his class to be naked. At first i just thought he had turned into superman and developed x-ray vision. But soon enough you realize that it is not the case since the next thing he does after school is to buy a nudity magazine.

Anyway, to get home he takes the train, and in that scene you are able to “read” the minds of the people there and how they go about their daily lives. Honestly, it is quite shockingly true how selfish people can get sometimes. You realize how weak and pathetic most of the human population is sometimes. That is not the main point though. Ok, so Kei (the lead) is waiting for a train when a drunk homeless man falls into the tracks and no one wants to save him. Kei then sees his childhood buddy Katou, and Katou is the only one willing to pluck up his courage without excuses to save that poor fella. While trying to save that guy, Katou recognizes Kei and turns to him for help in saving the guy. They saved the guy but they get killed. This is where the fun starts.

Yup, as the screen capture shows. “What the hell?” would be your reaction as well. That is the main character Kei. He finds himself in this room with his old buddy and a bunch of weird stangers and a dog.

This is the room of weird people. A teacher, a guy with a girlish face, a old politician who was suppose to die of cancer, a dog, 2 yakuzas and a naked girl. Now now, dont you all go looking for a screen capture of a naked girl. She will be there, just not on this blog. Oh and that big mysterious black ball in the center of the room of course. It starts making noise and everyone stares at it and the ending credits appear.


Recommended to…..
If you are interested in animes that divulge in the psychological areas as well as games and gruesome weird stuff then this is the anime for you. For those who are not able to stomach blood or dont want to see nude female characters then this might not that good for you. For me, i am interested in seeing how the characters and this anime will play out. There are too many unknown areas right and watching the first episode just might keep you wanting more.

Positve sides
Invites you to realise a little more about how humans think. Plus all the above stated in the ‘Recommended to..” section. ^^

Negative sides
The color is a little on the dull side, but it works for such an anime as it helps bring the gruesomeness and darkness to life. I dont really like the main lead Kei, but who knows, shall wait and see. I am not too big on the nudity as well as all the blood.

Other than the above, this just might turn out to be a good anime.

7/10 – for keeping me interested and for making me agree with some of the stuff said. Oh and of course the interesting storyline.

-ra out! ^^