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Brother’s Conflict Anime Review


“Where do I begin… To tell the story of how great a love can be”

I am sure many of you would know that opening sentence to Andy William’s song, Love Story.

Well, forget about it, this ain’t that great love story that you might be after.

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From Up On Poppy Hill (Kokuriko-Zaka Kara) Trailer

Here is the trailer of Studio Ghibli’s Latest Feature Film Kokuriko-Zaka Kara and the international title for it is From Up On Poppy Hill. Seeing as to how the movie is meant to be out in Japan in 3 days, this is a really late discovery on my part.
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Skip Beat Anime Review

Okay, this is a waaay overdue review.


Kyoko followed her true love and childhood friend Sho to Tokyo so she could help him reach his dream of becoming an idol. She cleans, cooks, works three jobs and does nothing for herself because she loves him so much, but gets nothing in return. Still, she remains by his side. But then one day she goes unannounced to his agency with a delivery, and overhears him talking about her; he reveals to his manager that he only took her with him as a maid, and that he doesn’t care for her at all. Upon hearing this, Kyoko doesn’t just sit around and cry. She cuts and dyes her hair, changes her clothes and attitude and thus begins her journey to join showbiz and have her revenge against Sho. -ANN

To watch the Anime or read the Manga first?

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Gakuen Alice – Review

Alice Acadamy

After one glance one would normally label it as childish.

Well, it is that too, but above all, it is a fun interesting and entertaining anime.


Shojo, Magic, School, Comedy, Drama

Ok, until now i have not seen the full thing yet so i cant say about the second half of the anime, however the first half is good.

In this world, Alice refers to your power, what we would call gifts and talents, they call those Alice.

You have the regular geniuses, and your regular powered up humans, but there is a lot of other weird and fun alices.

From fire manipulators to x-ray eyes, to teleportation, to time-travelling, to fart that makes you faint, it is a show that will definitely keep you awake.

it does get slow at points, and the main lead might not be what everyone likes, but overall i would say that the show is above average.

This anime is about a girl who chased her best friend after her best friend changed school. So she runs away from home to look for her friend and ends up getting admitted into the school. There are crazy interesting teachers, as well as the typical teachers that you would hate in real life. But behind all the happy fun and laughter at the school, many students feel like they are imprisoned in it. They are shielded, “protected” from the rest of the world to avoid mayhem in the outside world. This school also hides a big secret and it is being run like an organization. What happens and how things turn out? You have got to watch and see it for yourself!

The opening song is cute and brings me back to my primary school days.

Rating – Out of 10 stars…… this gets……


It is not the best anime in the world, but it is above average.

It is good as a pick-me-up on tuesday afternoons when the weekend seems so far away

So if you feel up to it and feel like having some brainless laughs check Gakuen Alice out!

Well then.

-ra out!

Ouran High School Host Club – Review

Its the end of the season! MY LOVEEEEEE!!!!

I love this anime.

10 out of 10

100 out of 100

it is a great anime

What is this anime about?
Comedy, High School, Great Animation, BONES studio, drama, and a storyline that never cease to keep you interested.
Do any of those interest you? If it does then this is the anime for you.

Haruhi is a poor tomboyish student at a school for the ultra-wealthy, able to attend because of a scholarship, and unable to even afford a uniform. One day, she stumbles across the decidedly peculiar but very popular Ouran Host Club. She tries to leave, but accidentally breaks a vase, and unable to pay for it, she’s told that she’ll have to stay and do odd jobs. That is, until they decide she would be more valuable as a club member. Not realizing she’s female due to her appearance, they fix her up and give her a male uniform. She’s an instant hit, so they decide to have her keep up the charade even after they find out the truth. Haruhi, being average almost to a fault, doesn’t know what to make of the unconventional activities of the Host Club (or of the even more unconventional members), but having little choice, she plays along. Before long, real bonds are formed, friends made, and Haruhi finds herself accepted in a way she could never have been otherwise in this affluent school. – Anime News Network

There is always comedy around every corner. Tamaki is an adorable prince like fool, Kyoya is the serious calculative bestfriend, the Hitachin brothers are the “evil” twins that live to torment the prince of the club, Mori and Honey are relatives as well as the seniors in the group and you have the main lead who plays the role of a girl in guys clothes, literally – Haruhi.

Comedy is probably the word you will use to describe this anime. It starts of strong with comedy and a fairy tale like feel to it with halls decked in a pastel pink and teachers are never seen even though it is a school.

The Beginning

You are invited into the world of Ouran from the moment you listen to the chirpy and upbeat music “Sakura Kiss”. Every time i ask a person if they have seen Ouran 80% reply me with this.. “Kiss, Kiss, fall in love!”(Lyrics from the opening song) Alright, sounds corny, sounds like a typical shoujo love story, but it is not, actually, romance is not even the main focus of this anime. There are hints of it, but the plot does not revolve around the love between characters.

The Journey

Basically, the whole anime revolves around the main characters and their lives as hosts and a dip into their past as to how they ended up joining the host club and what will happen from now on. Each episode can be seen as being an individual episode with no link to the previous one except for the last 2 episodes on the school festival. You get a glimpse into their pasts, introduced to their families, an you meet many new characters that never cease to entertain you. Each episode is like a small tablet of happiness. It is hard to start of so strongly and yet be able to maintain the level of quality through the whole series. Except for many one episode that i am not too fond of (the Alice in Wonderland ep). Other than that, the anime is of high quality, both animation wise as well as plot wise.

The Ever-After

The story ends with you wanting more and the lives of the characters going on.
It is not a cliff hanger, but there is space for a continuation, though i highly doubt there would be one.
You are left with a warm and fuzzy feeling and a smile on your face for days.

To the male viewers. This is a reverse harem anime plus the main female dresses up as a male and appears like a male 99 percent of the time. As such, the male population might not be that interested in this anime.

This is probably the only anime that i actually listen to the entire soundtrack both lyrical and non lyrical tracks.
You are brought back and forth between so many states of emotions from happy, to bittersweetness, to being relax, to wanting to jump around. The soundtrack is filled with both pop songs as well as ochestra music.

Overall rating

It is my all time favourite.
And the rewatching value is over the roof for this anime.
I never get sick of the characters, you end up feeling like they are your pals.

-ra out