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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou – 01 Review

(Episode 1 – Nura’s Clan Third Heir Awakens)

The title basically explains the whole episode. For those who remember the flashback scene that Kana of a bus crash as a child, this episode essentially covers that scene.
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Baccano! – 05

Baccano! rocks!Lol!

The story falls into place as the episodes go along and it is really interesting. Every single minute is interesting, everysingle second. People killing here and there and you don’t really know what is going on as the story jumps from one person to another and then back in time to the present.

You feel like you are on a roller coaster ride when you watch this anime.

For those who like a fun and interesting anime that won’t bore you. This is it!

Rating? 9/10

It is just such great fun to watch this anime!

Oh, what is it about?

Honestly, i don’t really know myself. The story is unfolding and you see thieves and you have criminals and the mafia and a hostage situation, and monsters, and elixirs, and alchemy, and blood and so much more. The music is jumping and catchy, and the animation is nicely done. But i am sure that as i watch on i would get a grasp of what is going on. ^^v

All i know thus far is that the characters are all in the a train with a lot of things happening. You are given questions and they are slowly answered one by one as we dive into the past of these people. Personally, i think this style of flashbacks is really interesting.

-ra out!-

I would like to know as well…

Shakugan no Shana II – 13

An interesting episode that did not fail to entertain. Many questions were brought forth and this episode is a good build up for the plot. Finally the plot makes some progression.
Action packed for the first half of the episode, leaving with the second half to deal with the aftermath.

It was a well balanced episode and a breath of fresh air from Naruto’s latest episode.. i call the latest fight scene in naruto the ‘stare-till-you-drop’ arc.

Anyway, Pheles appears and hell breaks lose. This was where the last episode left off. Pheles is back to regain the possession of her lose love – Johan. Conflict arises and our dear hero gets so frightened he forgot that he was suppose to be keeping his flames a secret and lets lose.

Margery upon the sight of the silver flame loses her cool and starts going on a rampage. The school gets destroyed and after awhile the conflict is settled and the school is restored. Whether things will ever be the same seems as uncertain as ever.

As expected this was a good episode and it did not fail to entertain.


i just can’t seem to get myself to rate it higher due to the possible lack of something in the episode(the interesting-and-different factor is missing). I myself am not too sure, but i just felt it to be a more flashier version of what always happens (since season 1 up till now).
Too many questions unanswered, and it is a very typical shounen fight scene and storyline in my opinion.

Good fight scenes
Due to this episode, I am curious with how the season ends.

Lets hope the next episode would be just as juicy(entertainment wise) as this.

Shakugan no Shana II – 12

This episode has got to be one of the biggest cliff hanger eps in this season so far.
Apart for the interesting cliff hanging ending where you can expect a fight the next ep, the ep was basically senseless interaction between the characters as they participate in their school festival.

Ep 13 would be about 2 big battles over one person. Yuuji. Yup, in order not to spoil it i shall just say that over the last 12 eps, you are able to see the silver flame, get to hear more history about the Unlimited Power of Existence within Yuuji, and a love triangle.

Ok, i have to say that this is one of the animes where you might as well just watch half the episodes in the series. Honestly, the first ep was great and all, but then after that it just got boring and they had 4-5 eps just based on romance or school acitvities and what not.
I was already slightly turned off by the anime because of the harem in it. I mean, it is fine when the girls are not the whiny type or the scared type or the girlish type but rather those with attitudes and dont mind beating sense into the guy. But this is not the type of girls you see there. Probably the only slight exception is Shana, but then again she gets all girlish around him and it just gets painful to watch.

But because of the interesting storyline and action scenes i am willing to continue to watch the show. Honestly though, this is more of a half romance and half action show. I would even go ask far to say that the action is only taking a back seat in the series so far.

My hope for ep 13? Please let me be all action and no romance… if there were to be romance at least let it be about Shana and Yuuji. Oh, and please let Yuuji become less of a whiny ass.

Ok, if i were to rate the season so far…. it’d be,


i give one point to the nice animation. The leaning towards 7 is probably due to the interesting storyline at times.

-ra out-

Shakugan no Shana II – 01

Well, here it is once again, Shakugan no Shana, one of the most aniticipated animes for last season.

Yes yes, i know that i am late in watching this anime, but so far only 12 eps are out, so i can still catch up to it. ^^

Anyway, this episode is titled

‘Time For Restart’

Alright, this episode starts of with Yuuji narrating about the new school semester and about the characters and how their lives are after the big battle in Season 1. Along the way he gets one or two deja vu and realises that something is wrong and it seems like he is the only one who knows it. Yes, history seems to be repeating itself and he is the only sane one who knows. (observe his shocked face! and yes, i know it is over done) but in order not to spoil what happens in the rest of the ep, i shall just say that it is quite interesting.

This episode started off strongly, and beautifully. You have aciton, and mystery, and a build up in plot for what is to happen next. The end of the episode leaves you pondering somewhat about the future and at the same time it does not give you the idea of.. “good lord, what is going to happen next!?” it is more of a “oooo, i wonder…” kinda thing.

Animation wise, it is really pretty, i love the colors and the character designs a whole lot.

With a good balance of pretty animation and a hint of romance with action and mystery, Shakugan no Shana II is going to leave you wanting for more.


For – people who like Shakugan no Shana or at the very least found it acceptable.

Not For – people who has yet to see Shakugan no Shana

-screen caps to be added later this evening (my bandwidth is about to be finished…)-

-ra out!-

Kaze no Stigma – Review

Animes are good stuff, especially when you are looking for some excitement in life.

For 2007, Kaze no Stigma is probably one of the entertaining Anime around.

No need to think too much,

Action? GOOD!
Comedy? Fun!
Magic? Totally!
Romance? Definitely!

It is what i would like to call a relaxing enjoyable Anime that might keep you wanting to rewatch it.
I mean, i rewatched it twice, but it is not one of those that you want to rewatch right away of course, i mean you will want to rewatch some parts right away just to relive it again.

I will just jump to the anime rather than describe it, you can read the summary on AnimeNewsNetwork.
Summary on ANN

It is an obvious shounen Anime, you might even find it typical, but i love typical stuff. The idea of the weakest becoming the strongest and being underestimated. Then come time of revelation, *BOOM!* those people who underestimated him realised how wrong they were.

On the other hand, it is not just a shounen Anime, one of the weak sides would be they focused too much on the relationship between the hero and heroine. It would have been better if they cut the romance short by an episode or 2. Some things were not that necessary.

One good thing about this anime is that the hero has a dark past (you will find out later on in the series) and the hero is not just a normal hero but rather a tortured hero in the sense that he loses his away due to his feelings. Suddenly the phrase from the Spider-Man movies pop into mind “with great power comes great responsibility”.
Do not fret, that has close to no relevance to his anime, it is just that i got reminded of that suddenly.

If you are looking for a day of fun and laughter. Something light but not halfway stupid. Something decent then Kaze no Stigma is the choice.

It is just so light hearted without the lack of taste. Anime like these can go wrong so easily, it can become corny, it can appear to be trying too hard. But not Kaze no Stigma.

A sneak in an action scene in the beginning of the first ep….

dont ask what the purple thing is…haha, just watch and you will know 😉

-read above ramblings… ^^-

This is one of Gonzo’s worser quality animations.
I cant remember how many times it was that i got irritated by how the characters looked and with the animation quality. It was quite obvious. If you surf the net you can find many people complaining about it.
This series ends with a VERY huge possibility of a season 2 but nothing has been announced.

Other than that, it is a good anime!


People who like action and want to have a fun time

Not For:

People who are very particular about the quality of the animation
People who don’t like domineering female characters

-ra out!

comment: I don’t think that the seiyuu’s voice fits Kazuma cos he sounds a little too deep, but this is just my opinion. ^^

Baccano! – 01 & 02

Baccano! on AnimeNewsNetwork

Anyone ever watched an anime that made you think, what is going on? what is going to happen next? but have entirely no idea what the show is about or what can happen next cos you just dont know.

Well, for me, Baccano! is it. It is not horrible, on the contrary, it is actually interesting. You have people talking about a bunch of mumbo jumbo that i dont get, cool people who can well, more than regenerate, they can actually… suck(?) back all their blood. You have the mafia. 2 really weird people who are doing weird random things. All in all, it is a weird anime. Every episode is not really connected to one another, it is like a mass of randomness that is high on something. ^^

Check this out…

those are fingers by the way, cool stuff right? it happens around… 1/3 through the show… those fingers belongs to….

this guy.

It is quite interesting seeing them get shot up and not dying and being able to become fine after that, the reactions from normal people is really cool too. Honestly, i have to applaud the director. It could have easily become a flop in my opinion. I mean, losing interest would have been easy if it was not for the catchy music, the fast pace scenes, the jumping from one character to another, the wondering that you end up doing.

I haven’t got the slightest clue what this anime is about… BUT… its interesting.

Catchy music, fast paced, interesting characters, and i am so clueless that i am interested in what will happen next. ^^

No idea what is going on… haha

i give it a 6.5/10 right now, just cos i haven’t got a clue.

-ra out

Chrono Crusade – Review

Anime of the day – Chrono Crusade

chrono crusade

Sypnosis – The year is 1928 A.D. The place is New York, U.S.A. The economic prosperity brought forth after the Great War also heightened the presence of something far darker and much more sinister: the demonic Sinners. The Magdalene Order is an organization that tries to counter this force. Two of its exorcists are Rosette Christopher and her assistant, Chrono. Both appear out of place in an organization like this, and they are in a quest to find Rosette’s missing brother, Joshua. Their relationships, secrets and fates can only be revealed in time…

(taken from Anime News Network)

I would rate it a 3.5 /5 maybe a 4/5

it is not the best in the world but i do like certain aspects of it.


It started off quite nicely, action almost all the time. I like the animation, it is nice and neat, nothing superb or fascinatingly about the animation but it is clean and nice and so i like kinda like it. The colors used in the animation is nicely balanced with dark colors being used for certain scenes and bright colors for others. It does not have an overall dark color tone or bright one either.

The story? Nice, i like the way they did the whole god/devil/right/wrong thing. It played out real nicely. The story has a little bit of everything, romance, action, a little magic, some history manipulated into the anime, as well as the whole religious aspect.


The characters look weird sometimes, (from certain views they either look fat, or not like the usual)

The story , while nice, can be slow at times, they could have sped up the process, sometimes the characters stay still for too long, or they talk too much, either that they are doing too much of nothing. Each episode is important and so there are no redundant episodes but it could do with a little bit of a pick up pace wise.


It is a nice anime, i like the way it is done, there are no characters that i love a lot but none that i really hate. Though there is this one character that is cute but can be really whiny at times (esp her voice… ^^;;) still, it is a nice anime to watch to past some. A tip, make sure your finger is placed over the fast forward button. I could have lived with watching the whole show at fast forward mode. But dont forget to slow down for the action scenes with the devils in them! I am a sucker for powerful winged characters (hence, me loving the character Dark and Krad in D.N. Angel, lol!)

MAJOR Spoiler ahead…. i mean like, BIG one, HUGE! think godzilla big, think… universe big! j/k, but it aint smaller than the size of a star…









let me rant alittle bit here, omg omg omg omg omg omg omg, i cannot believe that the main leads died at the end! i want them to live, the impact is greater when they died, but it was not necessary to prove any point at all, well, maybe a small one, but they could have not let them die anyway!!!! and what is with the whole going missing!!! T_T and i dont really like the way they made the thing go around in circles at times… it is cool but at parts where they could have done more explanation they decided to not say a thing. whats with that? aaaaa, why must they die??!? i ended up crying through that scene all the way till the end of the anime. it was sweet, but so sad. and i have no idea why the guy even died. i mean, i understand that she die cos of her life being used up by the guy and she ran out of time, but then, he did not have to die what. Did he commit mental suicide or smth?! explain!!!! someone!!! explain to me!! the last time his contractor died he lived, he does not need to live on a contractor if he is in his human form what….. only when he is a demon he absorbs the life of the human, am i wrong to say that? i mean he did live for god knows how many years without a contractor in the first place. hahaa, nevermind, shall get someone to explain next time…




Ok, overall, not a bad show, not a great show, quite a good one though.

enjoyed it

and now to think of what to watch next!