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The Princess And The Pilot – Review

I understand that stereotypically speaking a shounen-main-character has to be miraculously talented but what frigging talent enabled him to learn flying by watching planes…?! Flying isn’t really the kind of thing where you can have a learning-process while being a few thousand feet up in the air and from the ground you can’t learn flying by watching a pilot, can you?

The Princess and the Pilot Review – The Art Of Somehow Getting Away Again And Again

It’s strange to watch two movies one after another which are kinda similar. Hotarubi as well as Princess/Pilot are about a girl and a guy sorting out what their relationship is about. But where Hotarubi is the short focused story about emotions, Princess/Pilot wants to talk about racism, responsibility, war and decadence as well. Princess/Pilot has nearly two hours to try talking about all these things and of course it misses its chance to really talk about much of it. Princess/Pilot is good enough on the surface but it gives no reason why one should care about anything of it. And its ending is just atrocious, I think. It’s not only bad but ruined the entire movie for me. Not only is the end rather inconclusive the ending credits have a nice description of what the two main-characters do in the future and it ends with something like “And they died… but nobody knows how.”. Okay, so this movie apparently wants to have a sequel or someone had a very stupid idea about how to handle the ending.

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