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Trigun on ANN

I know that this is a very old anime. But, as I spent my whole day rewatching it today I realized that old anime have a quality that many of the anime these days lack – quality.

I like the whole mood of the anime, and i like the way the characters were developed. The whole idea and the execution was really good.
I will not say that it is perfect, but it has the connecting factor. The viewers can connect with the anime and the characters in it. Though naturally the animation would not be as pretty as the more recent ones (picture might be noisy etc) everything else is really good. I am not good with words and i cant really put my finger on what it is exactly that makes it different from anime nowadays. I guess it boils down to the whole feel behind the anime.

Vash the Stampede. He is so adorable! A fool, and while there are many characters that irritate the hell out of me for the way they whine about how they don’t want to kill and yet so many innocents end up paying for that way of thinking, I can’t bring myself to hate Vash.

The first half of the anime gives off a lighter mood and it gets heavier as the anime progresses. From his past coming back to haunt him, to revelations, to death and suffering to internal torture and finally peace.

It is a good anime and if you have time on your hands to watch anime, this would be an anime worth giving up the more recent anime to watch this instead.

Give it a shot. (no pun intended)<g>

Btw, apparently a Trigun movie is scheduled to be release in 2009. Cant wait to see it!

-ra out!