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Space Brothers – 01-03 Review

Although it often seems like Mutta is trying to compete with Hibito on some level the story mostly follows Mutta finding his own way into space. But it makes for an interesting characterization to see this brother-relationship not interpreted as an obvious antagonistic conflict but actually a very emotional relationship without any melodramatic exaggerations.

Space Brothers 01-03: Why Are There Aliens in This?

One thing I’m really interested to find out in Space Brothers how exactly the finale will look like when the introduction of the first episode apparently introduced aliens to the scene. I hope it won’t be some cheesy deus-ex-machina-moment of aliens delivering a cheesy message to the audience and the characters. Far better than that would be a down-to-earth realization that there never were aliens in the first place but that it doesn’t really matter in terms of what the event ultimately meant to the two brothers. Although a weird change of pace where the show turns into a sci-fi-exploration-of-the-unknown-story would be interesting, too, I guess. Anyway, this series is one of the best ones of this season, I think. My Top 3 of the current season looks like this: 1. Sakamichi no Apollon. 2. Space Bros. 3. Fate/Zero II.

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