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Review-Roundup: Young Black Jack 03, Hidan no Aria AA 03

[C12] Hidan no Aria AA - 03.mp4 - 00001True love always starts with stalking the object of your love – according to Hidan no Aria AA.

This time I review:

Young Black Jack 03: Jack and whatever-her-name-is-girl have a little date in Jack’s rundown flat when they hear screams from a neighbor and investigate. After a bit back and forth it’s revealed that Jack’s neighbors are pesky pacifists who illegally try to help deserters from the American military. But one of the deserters has a bit of a problem, a medical problem, that is. The pacifists naturally force Jack to help them at gunpoint because really… pacifists are selfish bastards as Black Jack quickly realizes. Helping soldiers secretly escape from a war they should fight in just reeks of terrorism, don’t you think? Naturally Black Jack leaves the man to die but suddenly a ghostly doppelganger appears and urges him to save the man. But why should Black Jack use his genius-medical abilities to save a life if he hates pacifists so much…? Who knows why it is so important to save a life when you can, right…?! It’s a real nailbiter of a mystery, guys!

Hidan no Aria AA 03: There’s a little girl who likes her princes of the penis-less variety and said prince’s only wish is to be more girly. And thrown into the mix is a girl who’s as observant as a lemming – meaning you could trick her into jumping from a cliff. Of course, that’s the main-chara Akari and she tries her best to help the little girl get close to Raika who’s depressed about being so manly – while going to a school that wants her to be very manly. Look, the setting doesn’t matter. All that matters is to establish who wants to fuck who in this all-girls-setting.

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Review-Roundup: Heavy Object 01, Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry 01, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 01, Young Black Jack 01

[C12] Heavy Object - 01.mp4 - 00005Heroism ain’t what it used to be, eh? She’s literally suffocating in front of him and that’s all he’s thinking about…

This time I review:

Heavy Object 01: An Object is a big war-machine. Wars have become “cleaner” and more commonplace because now everybody has this stupid Object and starts fights with every idiot and his dog because every idiot and his dog have an Object. Also, the hero lands in the middle of the war trying to find a way to become rich quickly.

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry 01: A dude who is SUPER-SPECIAL but is the underdog regardless because if a school gives you an F it’s just a sign of how shitty the school is. He lives together with a girl who is also SUPER-SPECIAL but she only gets As because she’s a princess and does nothing exceptional whatsoever (except, you know, just being exceptional). Turns out the dude is stronger than the girl which doesn’t unnerve her because she actually wants to fuck the dude. A hurray for complicated relationships! Also, it’s important for these two to help the school become REALLY prestigious again (since this is a thing you supposedly care about as a student)!

Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 01: A Martian princess fights for Martian independence by trying out being a diplomat. She hires some idiot-orphans to be her bodyguard for very idealistically offending reasons (meaning she means well but still comes off as pretentious) and immediately gets to experience her first battle because as it turns out she’s more valuable to the bad guys if she’s dead than if she’s alive. Luckily said orphans just sort-of happen to own a Gundam – and one of those orphans is of course a genius-pilot.

Young Black Jack 01: The 60s… Hot times in a hot city named Tokyo and one hot doctor takes care of one… hot accident as brakes running too hot can’t stop a train from running over a boy. But Black Jack’s on the case! Boy lost some limbs but Black Jack sells his miraculous healing for a couple thousand yen to his parents. You know, because that’s what good doctors do. Good medicine is mercenary-work as we all know.

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