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Review-Roundup: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 01, Koufuku Grafitti 01, Death Parade 01

[C12] Assassination Classroom - 01.mp4 - 00003I don’t think that’s an “exception proves the rule”-type situation. I would like to think that being a killer (or even wanting to be one) disqualifies you from being described as a “perfectly normal student”.

This time I review:

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 01: An alien tries to destroy the world… but it also wants to teach a class full of society’s worst children. The goal: To be killed by those children. Will those kids get a good education before someone figures out how to kill the alien? Will that great education even matter if the alien survives and destroys the whole planet Earth (or most of it anyway)? If you’ve ever wondered if wanting to kill your teacher while also wanting to be a good student are the same thing… they are! Well, I guess, that’s only the case in this series really…

Koufuku Grafitti 01: Some girl loves to cook to become a good wife (I mean, why else would she learn to cook after all…?). Her granma dead, the parents working overseas and she’s left with an aunt who got better things to do: Turns out that’s a real bummer and her self-cooked food doesn’t taste good anymore. That’s when a little girl enters her life (who’s as old as her but seems more like a grade-schooler) and her appetite teaches the main-girl that the most important ingredient of good food is… family… and I guess, we’re gonna see that message repeated another thousand times since this is just the first episode.

Death Parade 01: Two people die, they go into a bar, play a game, turns out they are both assholes, one wins, one loses and that’s it!

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