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Amagami SS+ – 01 Review

What she calls a “fight” is a regular school-event of electing a student to waste his time with rather meaningless administrative work. But this girl is a complete nutcase anyway which excuses her dramatic methods and shallow characterization. She’s also evil because wanting to stand in the spotlight and not being a main-character makes you so.

Amagami SS+ 01 -Elections Are About The Candidates Beating The Shit Out Of Each Other

While New Prince of Tennis is just a reheated turd of a series that was far longer than it deserved to be, this series actually has a reasonable goal to achieve: It wants to be the sequel of a generic harem-series – which was already finished. Because, you see, the bland unlikeable wimp of a main-character made his choice as to who’s the (un)lucky one who deserves being his girlfriend. So it might be interesting to ask what this series is about then. It’s still Amagami SS so it still has the same stupid “characters” (you know, faces without a real personality, that kind of “character”) but a second season gives a chance to fix some issues. That was of course my opinion. Amagami SS+ doesn’t fix anything that’s wrong with the first series (meaning something like 99% of it). Indeed it somehow manages to ignore the part where you assume that having a second season means there’s some kind of development. Things have happened – but somehow this series makes it seem irrelevant. It’s sad but I have to say that Amagami SS+ is just as bad as the rest of the stuff that has been aired until now in the Winter Season. So stay the hell away from this, too.

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