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GOD EATER – 03-09 Review

[C12] GOD EATER - 07.mp4 - 00001I like to imagine she’s saying this to the audience as she realizes that she just has become the worst character of this show.

This time I review:

God Eater 03-09: Shit hits the fan… again. This time a super-evil Aragami is at fault. Then Lenka and Alisa have a little montage until it’s proven that Alisa had lost all her marbles a long time ago but she was too high on drugs to notice until now… well, and also the monster that killed her parents had juck kicked her and everybody else’s ass. But at the same time Lenka has managed to find himself and realize that he’s THE guy, the one in a million, the special one… and he learns that this means he will soon die because he has monster-cancer because of his specialness. Also, humanity’s pretty much fucked in this series’ setting if you hadn’t noticed.

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Review-Roundup: Aquarion Logos 04, God Eater 03, Ranpo Kitan 04

Aquarion Logos S01E04 (720p).mp4 - 00004Sure, bad puns are one way to deal with high-concept story-ideas…

This time I review:

Aquarion Logos 04: Love is in the air! Obviously the upcoming Tanabata-festival is a big chance for the shy girl to confess to the dude who considers himself to be the savior of the world. And… that doesn’t go anywhere really. Instead we deal with three people finding out that synchronizing with three people for an Aquarion-gattai-formation feels MUCH better than doing it with two persons. And shy-girl confesses… that she has a traumatic past she now has managed to overcome somewhat! Truly, it’s exactly what you would call a victory for love!

God Eater 03: There’s a special kind of Newbie on a plane. She’s surrounded by monsters. Newbie-dude and two veterans come to her rescue. Things work out in the end. … The End.

Ranpo Kitan 04: Someone who calls himself Twenty Faces has been killing off criminals which haven’t landed in prison or exited it early for some reason. The best solution genius-kid and girly-boy come up with is to just release a very evil criminal as bait. Turns out when you secretly help an evil criminal to avoid prison, some vigilante-like killer shows up! And after the killer who tried to kill the dude from the last episode gets revealed we’re supposedly very anxious to hear his excuses for the whole thing.

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Review-Roundup: God Eater 02, Akagami no Shirayukihime 01-03, Rokka no Yuusha 01-03

God Eater - 02.mp4 - 00000Yeah, audience, GOT IT?! We all need to know, of course, what buttons need to be pressed for rapid-fire! Maybe the next time someone uses a coffee-machine or a copy-machine in an anime, someone should go into detail about what buttons to push in what order to make the damn thing work…

This time I review:

God Eater 02: The fight continues – but the new guy with his special Newtype-abilities fucks up. Naturally he lands in a cell and it takes a LOT of talking for the authority-figures to understand what kind of peanutbrain the main-character truly is. And just as it obviously becomes clear that they can’t let a potential fighter sit around in a cell when they desperately need one, the episode already ends… What a cliffhanger!

Akagami no Shirayukihime 01-03: Girl with red hair (!) has trouble with a prince. Another prince rescues her. And then she gets into even more trouble – which she also gets rescued again from by that second prince… It’s all very romantic and innocent.

Rokka no Yuusha 01-03: The world’s about to end – again. And six heroes must kill the ultimate evil – again. But nothing’s ever as simple as it seems, is it?

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Review-Roundup: God Eater 01, Aquarion Logos 02, Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu 12-15

God Eater - 01.mp4 - 00002This is where the anti-hero needlessly tries to convince himself (and us) that beneath this angsty and angry façade isn’t a heart of gold.

This time I review:

God Eater 01: Another mopy teenager in another post-apocalyptic world that can’t get its shit together! Luckily said angsty teenager will save them all… at his own pace naturally.

Aquarion Logos 02: Do words even matter? What do we have to tell each other that a bunch of mechas or weirdly characterized cleaning-ladies can’t convey without a lot of words? Look at it that way: You need one word to pilot a mecha but how many words does it take to order a coffee at Starbucks…?! Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

Nagato Yuki-Chan no Shoushitsu 12-15: Turns out alien-Nagato is cooler than the moe-Nagato this spin-off invented. Big surprise! But this isn’t her story…! Where would the romantic drama come from if the female lead were an actual cool person…?!

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