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Kamisama Dolls – Review

Kyohei doesn’t want to admit it to himself but the series says it clearly: Insanity is reality’s Godmode-Cheat-Code for Kakashi-fights…

Kamisama Dolls did have some success even if the animation was inconsistent and the ending was a disturbing case of having a bad idea but thinking “Why not…?”. A shounen-series that definitely tried to go its own way but ultimately it’s the series itself that keeps it from being the interesting shounen-series it should be.

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Kamisama Dolls – 13 (Final) Review

Man, I wish the series could’ve adopted the same philosophy as it’s presented here by Aki…

Reviews by M0rg0th and Saranaufogus

M0rg0th: I tell you, in ten years we will look at this and say laughing ‘Thank God, the whole thing ended here.’ because you know how it is with expectations: they have a way of inviting disappointment. But well, for now we probably all have our expectations of where this series should go from here. Because, you know, it’s not over, ignore the “Final” in the title, this series is as much over as Police Academy was over after the first movie (yes, that comparison was deliberate…).

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Kamisama Dolls – 12 Review

One has to admire Utao’s willingness to be ridiculous until the end…

And that’s when we expect to see a setup for the finale but like usual this show seems to care more about its own way of telling the story instead of looking back what appeared to matter. But it seems that Kyohei finally gets his chance to shine as something resembling a main-character.

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Kamisama Dolls – 09 Review

In one of his most introspective moments Kyohei realizes that leaving The Village wasn’t the smart thing to do as far as good life-plans are concerned…

Last week I tried to be optimistic, perhaps I just might be wrong about this show, I said to myself and it actually might think about what it’s doing but this week showed me that I was wrong. It ends with introducing a new character in the final third of the series who is simply unnecessary and instead of progressing the plot this series keeps being the laid-back under-average slice-of-life-series that wants to be a shounen-action-series.

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Kamisama Dolls – 08 review

The one thing you can learn from this picture is that even the creators of this series can’t take Utao seriously as a character.

After the dramatic revelations of last week how the tragic life of Sensei actually did involve more dark secrets than tragic innocence this week goes back to the series usual mix of Slice-Of-Life and action. This episode covers the exciting adventures of an inn-owner who doesn’t prepare himself for an arriving typhoon and Aki trying to tell the naive pair of Hibino and Utao that Kakashi actually aren’t fluffy teddy-bears.

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Kamisama Dolls – 07 review

At this point, probably everyone says that about this show.

Okay, am I the only one who thought that the creators of this series switched the script accidentally with one of another series? This is the reason at the bottom of this whole series?! They can’t be serious… Well, I guess, they’re serious since they showed this episode. But it’s a weird twist that’s hidden in the past of this series, VERY weird, the kind that tries to go into Mindfuck-Territory, I’d even say. Yeah, it’s just that bad…

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Kamisama Dolls – 06 review

“We apologize for the obnoxious, time-wasting scenes in this episode!”

Episode 06

Will this series ever learn that humour isn’t a out-of-the-blue-scene thrown in to ruin the mood? Also, will this series ever learn to treat Utao like a human being? And will they ever learn that identical twins are a cheap way to save money?

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Kamisama Dolls – 02-04 Review

Batch Review: Episodes 2-4

So, I just watched 3 episodes of Kamisama Dolls all in one sitting since it is another slow-midweek. Boy I can’t wait to watch episode 5, the cliffhanger on ep 4 is really killing me.

I have written brief episode summaries followed by the review for these episodes.

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Kamisama Dolls – First Impressions

First Impressions

So here is another late First Impression of an anime.

Even though this was a Brain’s Base series, when I first saw Kamisama Dolls, the poster turned me off, the “cute” looking robot with two females on the front made me think that it was going to be a mellow slice-of-life anime about a bunch of girls, but if I had actually bothered to look at the plot summary and the categories of the episodes I would know it was not. Afterall, the words “Super Powers” kinda gives it away.

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