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Ozma – 01-03 Review

The series’ inspired dialogue really helps getting to know the characters in an easy and quick way. Just within a few minutes this series made it clear that Ozma’s main-character probably never will be the brightest lightbulb in the room.

Ozma 01/03: The Sandworms aren’t called Ohmu

My first thought: A desert-planet? Is it a Dune-ripoff? Surprisingly it isn’t, instead it’s about submarines in sand and pirates protecting a princess from the evil upper echelons of civilization. I have to admit that I preferred the Dune-ripoff to that. Then again anyone who knew Leiji Matsumoto would probably know exactly what kind of series this will turn out to be. Having only six episodes to tell its story apparently means a lot of problems for the series, though and even besides that I don’t think this is really one of the must-see-series in the Spring-Season.

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