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Short Preview of Spring Season 2012

It’s this time of the year again where slowly every anime-blogger will think about writing previews for the Spring-Season. And like with every season some people will look at the new animes and ask: “Isn’t this season worse than the past ones?” And I’ll say: “No, it could be worse.” Because looking at Eureka Seven Ao I had a terrible nightmare. Or you could say it was more like an idea for all the money-hungry animation-studios out there: How about making anime-original sequels to popular finished manga-series? Let’s drag out all these classics and make generic sequels! Instead of releasing remastered versions of series like Nadia, why not make a generic sequel called Nadia 2 with a bland plot and flimsy connections to the original? Or Fullmetal Alchemist, manga’s finished as well as the anime-adaptation of it… but that shouldn’t stop BONES from making a generic anime-original sequel, should it? Or Naruto and Bleach, at some point the authors might actually stop writing this stupid shounen-mainstream-crap… BUT that shouldn’t stop any studio from making anime-original sequels regardless, right? I know, there are some issues with licensing and stuff but that’s nothing a top-notch lawyer can’t trick his way around, isn’t it? So, you heard it here first: Anime-original sequels to popular finished franchises – that’s the future!

Anyway, what this post is really about: I wrote some short previews for all the series that are either sequels of series I have seen or are manga-adaptations where I read the beginning at least (except in the case of Tsuritama and Hyou-ka, well, exceptions prove the rule basically…). That means I can speak at least with some confidence as to how these shows will turn out.

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