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Mashiro-iro Symphony – 10 Review

First the characters decide to eat at a café, then they realize that they have Pannya, the weird cat, with them which they can’t bring into the café but then they realize they’re standing in front of a café having the sign you see above. Not only the characters try to be charming in this series, the universe tries as well…

This is the review of the tenth episode but since I have only reviewed the first episode of it I wanted to talk about the series as a whole until this point instead of just episode 10. It is surprising how good the series is if you think about how it could’ve been another one of those VN-adaptations that’s stereotypical and full of pointless fanservice. In fact Mashiro-iro doesn’t really like ‘pointless’. It’s drama 24/7 for the characters in this series but not in any action-kinda way and it isn’t a failed comedy-series making fanservice-jokes for drooling Otakus. This is a very idealistic romance-series taking emotions as serious as I’d take an angry ice bear serious. Like ice bears this kind of romance-anime is very rare or at least I haven’t come across many that even bother to use that approach in their romance-subplot. But also like the attacking ice-bear I think the series isn’t something I would call ‘realistic’.

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Mashiro-iro Symphony – 01 Review

Yeah, because that way he gets more screentime, that self-righteous bastard…

Man, I totally forgot about this series… I don’t know why, perhaps because the synopsis alone can bore a sensible mind – to death? Or is it that after the first episode you’ll think ‘What the hell is all the fuss about?!’ or is it that one thought it funny to make a failed attempt at drawing a cat a running gag? There are many reasons why one can forget this series – and sadly there’s barely one to remember it.

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