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Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 14 Impression

Episode 14 – Hit x The x Target

I know that many of you had probably thought that I’ve dropped this series… Well, that is not exactly true.

Although I’ll continue to blog this series, this is not a high priority on my list and the reviews might get delayed as Sunday seems to be the day where most of the shows that I am blogging come out on. =) (Also, I am busy preparing for my 3 weeks vacation to Singapore. XD Am so excited =D)

So this episode goes straight into the next segment of the Hunter exam, and for those who have seen the ’99 series, you might be scratching your head wondering whatever happened to the ship arc.

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 11 Review

Episode 11 – Trouble x With The x Gamble

Sorry for the late review! My internet had been giving me issues all of yesterday and by the time things started working, it was pretty much time to sleep. =(

So this is the long awaited deciding episode for the 2011 series – featuring Killua’s battle.

This episode will decide whether Madhouse will do a good job of animating the violence and gore presented in the original Hunter x Hunter manga, or if they’ll seal their fate as a sanitized version of the original story.

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 10 Review

What did you say in the previous episode Majitani? You Surrendered? Oh No! XD

Episode 10 – A Chance x To x Reach Out
aka We x Screwed Up x Big Time

This episode finally shines the spot light on Leorio and takes him out of his somewhat “useless” image.

The funny thing with this episode was that last week had made a critical error that had rendered the whole context of this episode baseless.

If you were to look at the ’99 medium and the manga, in both versions, Majitani had not been able to finish his sentence before Kurapica had “knocked him out”. But as the above screen capture proves, this 2011 version made the mistake of yelling out his surrender for the whole world to hear.

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 09 Review

Look ma! I’m blue!
I think you know when your plastic surgery had gone terribly wrong when you walk out looking blue. =P

Episode 09 – Careful x of x Prisoners

The battle continues with Gon and Kurapica stepping up to the plate this week.

At this rate, this segment of the tower would be over by the next episode with Killua and Leorio being the only ones left to battle.

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 08 Review

Episode 08Solution × Is × Majority Rules?

“Roar!!” says the dinosaur at the start of the introduction.

Sadly, the show has decided to go down the path of dragging fight scenes out, the same way many other Shonen shows do.

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 07 Review

Episode 07 – Showdown x On x The Airship
(This is so not 3 words =P)

We finally get an episode that places more of a focus on Killua and Hisoka – my two favourite characters of the series. \(^-^)/

Although this episode takes a break from the actually exams, it doesn’t mean that we are not going to get anything substantial out of the episode.

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 06 Review

Episode 06 – A x Suprising x Challenge

It’s that time of the week for a new Hunter x Hunter 2011 episode.

There really isn’t too much to say about this series as the story progresses because having seen the ’99 series means that the plot is not really going to be too refreshing to watch. As like with many other long running series, it takes some time to get into the rhythm of things and I think that with the exams finally starting to heat up, things would become more and more entertaining to watch.

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 05 Review

Episode 05 – Hisoka x is x Sneaky

This is probably the first time where I actually wished the pacing of the episode was faster.

We have yet to see the end of the First Hunter Exam despite the fact that it had started at the end of Episode 03.

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 04 Review

Slow down… not all of us are as healthy as you

Episode 04 – Hope x and x Ambition

Stage one of the Hunter Exams has started and everyone’s running full blast ahead!

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 03 Review

Episode 03 – Rivals x For x Survival

This episode had slowed it’s pace down by quite a bit as compared to the last couple of episodes and is heavier on the dialogue.

The episode covers chapter 5, most of chapter 6 of the manga, and it covers half of episode 6 of the ’99 series.

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