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Hyouka – 05 Review

It’s good to know that everyone feels the same way. =P

Episode 05 – The Truth of the Classics Club and Its History

I am suffering from sleep deprivation and this episode didn’t help me counter that one bit.

The episode was a weird one that had made it seem like this were the last episode of the series and that the show was over. Naturally… it isn’t.

Believe it or not, this “laid back detective/story-telling” series is slated for 21 episodes + an OVA. Whether my new found revelation (due to this episode) of the potential series structure for the show is a blessing or a pain-in-the-arse is left to be seen.

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Hyouka – 04 Review

Episode 04 – Past Days of the Classics Club and It’s Glory

Right… So Oreki does it again with his mystery solving skills, but this time he solves it all?

I doubt it.

The show is bad… but it can’t be that bad.

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Hyouka – 03 Review

Episode 03 – Inheritors of the Classics Club and Its Circumstances
aka Episode 03 – The Case of The Smelly Student

So this episode finally gets down to the main “mystery” plot and the episode simply starts off on a “WTH” note and ends on a “WTH” note. (And I don’t mean it in a positive manner)

If you like some mystery mixed in with your slice-of-life genre then this might be right up your alley as this is just what the series is playing out to be – a light (and not that interesting) slice-of-life show with a hint of mystery.

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Hyouka 02 – Review

Hyouka – A mystery series where what the girl wants is more important than the truth

Episode 02 – Activities of the Glorious Classic Literature Club

This episode  brings us to the end of the introduction of new characters and the episode finishes on a cliffhanger (kinda).

Judging from the way things are progressing, we can expect the next episode to cover the main mystery plot of the series.

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Hyouka – 01 Review

Episode 01 – Revival of the Long Running Book Club

Episode 01 – Boy Meets Girl

Seeing as to how I am a sucker for detective genre series, it is little surprise that I had manage to find my way to this show.

Sadly, the series wasn’t what I had expected it to be. On the plus side, it wasn’t horrible either.

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