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Rokka no Yuusha – Review

[C12] Rokka no Yuusha - 05.mp4 - 00001I really question how these Braves got chosen when a creepy kid like her gets to be one…

I know, I know, it has been a while… But this season I really didn’t have a series that I had any strong desire to review weekly. But I really got into J-Drama in the meantime. So far I’ve watched these: Hanzawa Naoki, Roosevelt Game, Galileo (just the first season so far), Tokyo Dogs, Hard Nut, Kagi no Kakatta Heya, Border, Kurosagi. Granted most of these are Mystery-series as that’s what I like to watch that genre and my personal favorite so far has been Border (the mysteries aren’t the most compelling thing ever but boy if that story doesn’t take some VERY interesting turns and the ending was a real “Holy shit! They really went there…!”-moment for me). But back to anime. Well, I will continue to blog Aquarion Logos (or maybe not… so far it’s worth a yawn and not much more) and God Eater, I guess (it has gotten better actually, I would say, as it has become clear what it’s trying to do). And the new season will start soon, so I hope something will air that catches my interest. And now for one of my personal favorites of this Summer-Season: Rokka no Yuusha – the high-fantasy-series that spent most of its season just dealing with a locked-room-mystery.

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Review-Roundup: God Eater 02, Akagami no Shirayukihime 01-03, Rokka no Yuusha 01-03

God Eater - 02.mp4 - 00000Yeah, audience, GOT IT?! We all need to know, of course, what buttons need to be pressed for rapid-fire! Maybe the next time someone uses a coffee-machine or a copy-machine in an anime, someone should go into detail about what buttons to push in what order to make the damn thing work…

This time I review:

God Eater 02: The fight continues – but the new guy with his special Newtype-abilities fucks up. Naturally he lands in a cell and it takes a LOT of talking for the authority-figures to understand what kind of peanutbrain the main-character truly is. And just as it obviously becomes clear that they can’t let a potential fighter sit around in a cell when they desperately need one, the episode already ends… What a cliffhanger!

Akagami no Shirayukihime 01-03: Girl with red hair (!) has trouble with a prince. Another prince rescues her. And then she gets into even more trouble – which she also gets rescued again from by that second prince… It’s all very romantic and innocent.

Rokka no Yuusha 01-03: The world’s about to end – again. And six heroes must kill the ultimate evil – again. But nothing’s ever as simple as it seems, is it?

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