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Moyashimon Review

Moyashimon on ANN

You know those weird anime that keeps you partially entertained and can be quite cute or fun at times?

Moyashimon is that type of anime.

Don’t expect drama.
Don’t expect action.
Don’t expect deep complex plots that dive into the human psychic.

While Moyashimon might not be exactly what you call brainless with it’s overload of information on bacteria and agriculture. It is not metaphysics either. The story can be quite funny and interesting at times with cute bacteria’s with their high pitch voices filling up your screen. (i wish bacterias were really that cute) and the characters are quite funny at times. Well, more eccentric than funny.

Honestly, after watching ep 3, I have a feeling that people might lose their appetite for sake. =_=”

You may choose to hear and be educated on the different bacterias that exist and the ways of making sake.

Either that or,

You make turn a deaf ear to the overload of information and just watch the cute characters bouncing around the screen.

Personally, this is an anime that I would watch just to kill my time.
It is not boring, but like I said, it isn’t anything much either,
Afterall, it is only a 11episode anime.

Recommended for –
Those who like cute creatures crawling all over your screen or agriculture otakus.
Also recommended for other humans that can see bacteria with their own eyes.
Do let me know if you have that power, I would be interested in being your friend.

NOT Recommended for –
People with better things to do in life.

Rating – 6/10 (up to ep 4)

Who knows if i will actually get down to finishing this series. While I may not have better things to do in life (evidence- the fact that I am watching this anime right after I have completed my work at 2am in the morning). I do have other things to do, like actually wash the dishes. ^.^


Just finish the series. It is not too bad actually. I still stand by the fact that it is nothing big or special. But it is different.

Rating – 7/10 (as the series goes on there are a few comical moments and you grow to love those microorganisms.

-ra out!