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Eureka Seven – A Pocket Full Of Rainbows – Review

This is the script-writers desperate attempt of letting the movie have an emotional impact on the audience: By letting Renton piss himself as he realizes how helpless he is. I really want to know what the writers thought making this scene. Was it something like “Oh, let’s have the hero piss himself in the first five minutes of the movie. I bet that will leave an impression!”? Well, at least this scene reminded me why you do NOT show characters piss himself – except if they are babies.

Eureka Seven is a popular Shounen Series and when I say ‘popular’ I mean ‘Someone somewhere will probably think about how to make more money out of this’. This movie is someone somewhere trying to make more money out of Eureka Seven. But they didn’t wanna do a simple recap of the series. They wanted to tell a new story – more or less. So they faced the challenge of making a recap – that’s not a recap. The first Macross Frontier movie did a fine job of doing exactly that. Pocket Full Of Rainbows meanwhile does try to recap a slightly different Eureka Seven which means that it’s still trying to cram a 30+-episodes-plot into a 2-hours-movie. The results are disturbing, not only because of the pacing but also because some of the new ideas actually made the story worse than the original.

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