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Review-Roundup: Zankyou no Terror 03, Sailor Moon Crystal 02, Tokyo Ghoul 02-04

[C12] Tokyo Ghoul - 03.mp4 - 00001Apparently humanity’s solution in their battle against ghouls is to hire humans who are even creepier than the ghouls.

Just as a heads-up for those few who weren’t already aware of it: Nickelodeon has cancelled the last five episodes of Legend Of Korra’s third season. I will review the last episode to air tomorrow. The creators of the show have already announced, though, that the series will continue on Amazon or whatever other site is desperately chasing the future of digital Internet-Streaming-TV these days.  But now as for the series I will review here:

Zankyou no Terror 03: Nobody so far seems to have an Oedipus-complex but Nine and Twelve still pose riddles to the police-force like they’re the Sphinx. Only now Shibasaki is the boss. After all, his smartness has never brought him anything but trouble anyway, so it’s no wonder that he gladly chooses to get involved.

Sailor Moon Crystal 02: Education is brainwashing and smart girls have no friends – The Sailor Mercury Story.

Tokyo Ghoul 02-04: Kaneki hates being a half-ghoul and all the drawbacks this existence brings. But it’s not like he can change back and so he has no choice but to learn how to live with this burden. But even as a superstrong ghoul shit doesn’t happen less, actually shit happens now way more often in Kaneki’s life since he had become a ghoul.

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Review-Roundup: Tokyo Ghoul 01, Barakamon 01, Sailor Moon Crystal 01

[C12] Tokyo Ghoul - 01.mp4 - 00001Oh, good thing she’s doing it ‘gently’. Anything else would just ruin the romantic mood of this date after all.

A new anime-season! And that means new series that all have a chance to NOT suck. I had a few internet-problems the last few days so those three are rather randomly chosen. Well, not entirely random, Kelfio already reviewed the first episodes of Sword Art Online II and Glass Lip. So, the first three I wanted to cover are… Tokyo Ghoul: The exciting story of a book-nerd turning into a half-cannibal-vampire-thingy because his dreamy hot date turned out to be a horrible monster. Also, his doctor hates medical ethics. The second one is Sailor Moon Crystal: You still like Sailor Moon? Well, guess what, here’s more of the stuff you like! And finally Barakamon: You know who has produced the greatest art in the history of mankind? Cavemen! And that’s why Handa, a calligraphy-artist, needs to seek refuge in the most backwater shithole you can find in Japan, so that he can hone his craft. Also, country-urchins are great life-teachers!

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