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Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle – 03 Review

The classic looking off into the sunset.
I think Gammon had summarised my frustration with that bull-crap prize.

Episode 03 – The Melancholy of the Boy Genius

So, I had seen this episode of Phi Brain before going out for dinner with a few friends.

After mulling over it for a few hours, I am back here wondering about what I had thought of the episode and I have come to the conclusion that “nope, it hasn’t gotten any better”.

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Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle – 02 Review

I think I may have cataracts in my eye

Episode 02 – Reward of the Sage

The show itself is not terrible but the over-the-top reactions of the characters with their awe-filled voices does get on my nerves and destroys the show.

One thing we did learn from the show this week, having a good memory does not equate to being intelligent. (Just look at Nonoha)

Scratch that, there was another important lesson in this episode – When all else fails, cheat by destroying the puzzle to become a winner.

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Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle – 01 Review

Episode 1 – The Contract Hidden in the Labyrinth

Reviews by M0rg0th and Saranaufogus


No one was expecting this series to be one of the “quality” series of the season and it is not. The show itself is not bad, but it simply screams mediocre to me.

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