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D.Gray Man OP 4

The new OP for D.Gray Man is out.

OP4 – Gekidou by UVERworld

When I first heard that UVERworld was going to be singing the new OP I was really ecstatic. I love UVERworld.
However, even though I found the song to be nice, and the opening animation sequence to be nice, the song did not exactly match the animation.
It felt like 2 separate enteties place together.
I was just not feeling it
Some people were commenting that the new OP had too much spoilers on it.
Personally, I only agree up to a certain extent.
You get a glance here and there so you know which direction the anime is headed towards in that season but I didn’t feel that anything “much” was really shown.
There was too little of everything to know what will happen unless you have read the manga.
And if you saw the manga then it is not much of a spoiler is it? 😉

Anyway, unlike the 3rd OP that had my blood pumping and got me excited, this OP was pretty much so-so only.
I still prefer the synchronizing between Doubt&Trust and the opening animation. It captured the excitement of the show.