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Review-Roundup: Akame ga Kill! 01, Sabagebu! 01, Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun 01

[C12] Akame ga Kill - 01.mp4 - 00006Akame ga Kill! certainly knows how to let characters announce their villainy in a subtle way.

Is it just me or are there a lot more animes this season that try to sell violence as entertainment? I mean, there’s nothing categorically wrong about using violence as a theme within a story but that’s one of those things you shouldn’t just nonchalantly throw into a story when you want to carter to teenagers or kids in my opinion. Hell, even some patriotic bullshit is better as a setup for violence than just dumping it on the audience for shock-value!  Violence NEEDS to have meaning in a story or otherwise every character involved may as well be considered a sociopath. Well, that brings me to these three new series:

Akame ga Kill: Here’s another young guy thinking he’s gonna go big in the big city – but it turns out said big city is infested by evil people. So he has to join slightly LESS evil people on a crusade to do evil stuff to evil people!

Sabagebu: Look, girls are kinda cute, okay? Now imagine them shooting guns… AND LOVING IT! ARE YOU FUCKING AMUSED?! You better be…! Because this series doesn’t really have to offer much else at this point.

Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun: Have you ever thought that the ditzy manic pixie dreamgirl needs to have a male equivalent? Well, here it is! Nozaki is a sensitive shoujo-manga-author… who just doesn’t get that Chiyo (the main-character) wants to bang him! Hilarity ensues (as it usually does) as Chiyo chases a guy who writes about romance but doesn’t seem to have any understanding of it… AT ALL. No, seriously, if it’s not on paper, he might as well think that a stone is coming on to him when it falls on his head and cracks his skull! That’s how fucking unknowledgeable he is about romance!

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