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Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei Zoku ep 4

Alright kids, the first lesson for today is….

People tend to be drawn away from the main point!

As usual our dear Sensei went on and on about that issue. But I love the examples that they always come up with.
Those just crack me up.

And what would an ep of Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei be without his classic overdramatic scene.

Aliens came and invaded earth.


And that was the first part of the episode.

The next part was about Itoshiki Sensei making a fuss over not wanting his heart to be read. LOL.

Yes, he was fearful of the student who could tell touching stories which is suppose to mean that he can read peoples heart. \(– o –)/

And the last part of the story?

A pointless story.

I am not kidding, it is really about a pointless story. That was the whole point. lol.

I had fun with this ep of SZSZ I hope that you will have some fun with it too!

Rating? Ep 3 was nicer. ^_^

-ra out!