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Random Post: Gintama’s Gintoki Birthday!

I have recently decided to watch the Second Season of Gintama (I can’t believe it took me so long to get to watching it) and I’m loving it!

I was going to do a short post on how awesome the first couple of eps were and how much I was laughing and how glad I am that the show is back on air. But as you can see, I had decided against that due to pure laziness.

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Gintama ep 51

GINTAMA!! lol, i love this show. It is such a lighthearted foolish show for you to watch and laugh about.
Gintama on ANN

This episode! Gin-san has a kid?! Gin san no kodomo!? Oh boy. LOL, you can just see how badly he is denying the fact that the kid is his. But honestly, when the kid looks like this—>

who would believe him? ^^

Poor fella. Anyway, more fun and laughter this episode as well, however this story carries on to the next ep too. So till then.. thats all for this ep!

What to expect: Some action, comedy, guest appearance of the shinsengumi and the usual cast.

Lol, the left and right thing in this ep is funny too. ^^ That plus the way they like to talk and mock our era. Apparently Gin-san’s excuse for the way the kid looks like that is that everyone looks like that now adays, what with all the gaming and computers that kids do.

-ra out!