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Soul Eater OP Song

Soul Eater OP Song Full

Resonace by T.M. Revolution

megaupload link

the quality is not great, but it is the full song anyway.
the beat is really addictive! ^^ great song!

-ra out

Soul Eater – 05 – Soul’s Form

Episode 5 – Soul’s Form ~ Strongest Meister Stein’s Entrance?

Continuing from the previous episode, Maka and Black Star are still continuing in their battle to pass the test. However, unlike their previous opponent, Dr Franken is on a different scale (abilites wise). This episode mainly focuses on the battle between Dr Franken, Maka and Black Star with the occasional moments of Death the Kid, Shinigami-sama and Maka’s dad.

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Soul Eater – 03

Alright, I know that this episode is late with its review. For some reason i did not see the raw for this ep up until just a few minutes ago. (though it has been up for the past 2 days) =_=! Anyway, without further adue..

Episode 3 – Becoming the Perfect Boy? Death・The・Kid’s Magnificent Mission?~

The 3rd Prologue to this series.

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Soul Eater – 02

I’m Definetly a Star! ~ The Extremely Big Man, Revealed Here?~

OMG omg OMG… BONES is love. Soul Eater is pure entertainment.

Okay, it is pointless to watch an anime if the animation sucks.
That is basic, having good animation is more than half the battle won.

Alright, the OP is still pure ecstasy.
Is it me or does it remind feel really similar to a D.Gray Man OP?

Okay, this episode is about Black Star! Lol, the guy’s an idiot (in a funny way). ^^

Alright, so Black Star is another character who is after obtaining the Death Scythe.
If I were to summarize this guy into a few words it would be

A) A Brat
B) An Idiot
C) A Hoot
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Soul Eater – 01

Episode 1 – Resonance of the Soul ~ Soul = Eater, Becoming a Death Scythe?~

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