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Aquarion Evol – 16 Review

Aquarion Evol – Episode 16

Aquarion Evol is such a strange show. I’m not even really sure why I watch it. But against all odds, it manages to entertain me every week.

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Aquarion Evol – 01 Review

This episode features some really tense moments of some boys and girls breaking their Chastity and entering a Holy Union. These goddamn naughty teenagers just couldn’t stop themselves, could they?

Aquarion EVOL 01 – How The Most Useless Persons On Earth End Up Being Responsible For It

Aquarion EVOL is one of these series everyone with some interest for popular anime will want to watch. It’s a sequel but one so far in the future that worrying about the original would be like arguing that you need to see the Flintstones in order to understand Star Trek. Of course there are some similarities… and yeah, of course Flintstones and Star Trek have one as well – they both have dinosaurs in them, really, they’re called Veer in Star Trek. Well, so aside from this nerdy reference, Aquarion Evol can be watched on its own, I think. I did and most of it is understandable, I guess. The only thing I will want to mention is that Amato has this Element-ability which is some weird shit to make him feel special and that’s something already established to exist in the first series (don’t know whether that makes him the reincarnation of a douche as well…). So it’s a mecha-show and thankfully it’s not only story but there’s some fighting as well. It’s entertaining overall. If you like Mecha, you will like this. Everyone else should probably read the whole review because it does have some weird beef on its plate.

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