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Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society – Review

Gitssacsolidstatesociety.mkv - 00007Naturally that’s a big concern of the movie: Establishing what has changed. If only the movie would lead to even more change…

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex: The Grandpa-Conspiracy – Review

And with this I end my retrospective for the Ghost in the Shell franchise. Both the Innocence-Movie and this one are kinda outliers whenever people talk about that franchise, so I figured I should talk about those. And it all connects neatly with the Arise-series, which sort-of tries to fulfil a dream of the SAC-franchise’s director Kamiyama by trying to turn Motoko into a bit of a moeblob. Who knows what Tow Ubakata will do as the new GitS-writer but considering where this franchise has been trying to go for the last decade or so, I don’t think, this will be the Ghost in the Shell you fell in love with when you watched Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell.

The next review I want to write that has nothing to do with the current anime-season is a manga-review of Satoshi Kon’s Opus. I will write a review about that unfinished series and how it fits into Satoshi Kon’s oeuvre. Later I will review also the other (also unfinished) manga Seraphim: 266,613,336 Wings that Satoshi Kon created together with Oshii.

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