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Zettai Kareshi 03

This episode of Zettai Kareshi does kinda go back somewhat to the manga.

Okay, that probably does not make sense. Well this episode does resemble the manga a little. A little being the operative word. Read the rest of this entry

Zettai Kareshi – 02

Summary-Episode 2

Robot, money, cream puffs.

This is what this episode revolves around.

Riko missed the deadline for handing Night back to the company and now has to either buy Night for a ridiculous price (for which she will spend the rest of her life working off to pay) or return him but with a penalty.
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Zettai Kareshi – 01

After first hearing that Zettai Kareshi was going to be made into a drama, I went into fangirl overdrive mode and hurriedly dug up the manga and reread it twice patiently(impatiently) awaiting for the first ep to come out.

A tip to fans of the manga, don’t expect it to be like the manga.

I was thoroughly disappointed.

The only thing that I could sense in common with the manga was the fact that the robot name is night and the guy is a robot. Everything else was differently.

Alright, lets go character by character.

The setting

It is not in high school but at a work place.
I found it alright, if they wanna change the location, it is fine, just as long as they remain pretty much true to the storyline.
Was it true to the storyline?
The means by which Riko manage to obtain the robot was different to begin with.
And after that, nothing was the same.

Riko Izawa

Okay, as far as things related to her go, they are pretty much the.
The first ep focus largely on her crush on a senpai, which did occur in the first vol of the manga. The difference is that they decided to make that thing into a whole episode.
But that plays pretty well into the story so I found it acceptable.

Night Tenjo

I just have to say it, why is the dude so tanned?!?He looks like he was coated in butter and roasted under the sun at 300degrees for 45 minutes cook to perfection with a soft outside and a hard inside (wait, wasn’t it suppose to be the other way around?)If you are looking for charisma, or charm, just like the Night in the manga, this one lacks it.While he may be good looking and all, he is so much of a robot in his actions and his smile and his everything.I know that that is the way it is suppose to be since he is a robot, but the portrayal of a robot was so obvious that it was plain typical stereotyping.I don’t see how technology can advance by so much yet the robot remains as dull as ever.And that smile! Did a bug crawl up his butt? lol, it look so fake. Every single time.
Other than that, the directors made it a point to show the robotic insides of Night.
Okay, so sure, they wanted to remind us that he is a robot.
I get that, but by the third of fourth time of seeing his naked metal bones I was pretty much on the verge or giving up on watching the drama.
It is almost like they want people to know VERY VERY certainly that it is a romance between a ROBOT and a girl.
And not a robot(that is like a human) and a girl.
No, a metal ROBOT and a girl.

Okay, now onto the next issue.

Soshi Asamoto

The guy does not even know Riko.
I was so looking forward to the hot best friend love triangle situation.
But nope, aint happening. Why?
Because the guy knows about as much as Riko as we do. Heck, we probably know a lot more after reading the manga 😉
So it is going to be a plain work romance love story between Riko and Soshi.
Between Night and Soshi, I think that the actor for Soshi is hotter.
But. BUT. BUT. Soshi’s personality is not the serious studious person that we know.
Nope, he is a big time play boy with cash.


The only thing that remains the same and true to the storyline is probably the best friend who is a bitch.
Yes, she still is one.

Okay, so with all the changes that they have made, I wonder why it is even called Zettai Kareshi.

Would I watch the next ep?
While i went on and on about how horrible it was, it was not that bad actually.
My advice is to ignore the manga and just watch this as a stand alone piece.
It might serve to be some good entertainment for the Spring of 2008.

-ra out!
(i will post screen caps if you guys want, but you gotta let me know)
Episode 2 Review