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Review-Roundup: Isuca 01, Koufuku Graffiti 03, Death Parade 03

_C12__ISUCA_-_01.mp4 - 00000Maybe someday every anime will understand the difference between sexiness and blatant fanservice. Until then we get shots like some woman showing off her naked body… FOR NO FRIGGING REASON! If you don’t have a story to tell, just do fucking Hentai please. I give zero shits about a thinly veiled hentai that tries to be a fucking average shounen-series.

This time I review:

Isuca 01: Even boobs and nudity can’t save this one from being a piece of shit… Go figure…

Koufuku Graffiti 03: Ryo has a bad day. Kirin tries to change that. She’s successful (to NO ONE’s surprise). The End.

Death Parade 03: A dude and a gal are dead this time around. Turns out they know each other – but their history together is a little bit more complicated than the two expected.

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