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Chrono Crusade – Review

Anime of the day – Chrono Crusade

chrono crusade

Sypnosis – The year is 1928 A.D. The place is New York, U.S.A. The economic prosperity brought forth after the Great War also heightened the presence of something far darker and much more sinister: the demonic Sinners. The Magdalene Order is an organization that tries to counter this force. Two of its exorcists are Rosette Christopher and her assistant, Chrono. Both appear out of place in an organization like this, and they are in a quest to find Rosette’s missing brother, Joshua. Their relationships, secrets and fates can only be revealed in time…

(taken from Anime News Network)

I would rate it a 3.5 /5 maybe a 4/5

it is not the best in the world but i do like certain aspects of it.


It started off quite nicely, action almost all the time. I like the animation, it is nice and neat, nothing superb or fascinatingly about the animation but it is clean and nice and so i like kinda like it. The colors used in the animation is nicely balanced with dark colors being used for certain scenes and bright colors for others. It does not have an overall dark color tone or bright one either.

The story? Nice, i like the way they did the whole god/devil/right/wrong thing. It played out real nicely. The story has a little bit of everything, romance, action, a little magic, some history manipulated into the anime, as well as the whole religious aspect.


The characters look weird sometimes, (from certain views they either look fat, or not like the usual)

The story , while nice, can be slow at times, they could have sped up the process, sometimes the characters stay still for too long, or they talk too much, either that they are doing too much of nothing. Each episode is important and so there are no redundant episodes but it could do with a little bit of a pick up pace wise.


It is a nice anime, i like the way it is done, there are no characters that i love a lot but none that i really hate. Though there is this one character that is cute but can be really whiny at times (esp her voice… ^^;;) still, it is a nice anime to watch to past some. A tip, make sure your finger is placed over the fast forward button. I could have lived with watching the whole show at fast forward mode. But dont forget to slow down for the action scenes with the devils in them! I am a sucker for powerful winged characters (hence, me loving the character Dark and Krad in D.N. Angel, lol!)

MAJOR Spoiler ahead…. i mean like, BIG one, HUGE! think godzilla big, think… universe big! j/k, but it aint smaller than the size of a star…









let me rant alittle bit here, omg omg omg omg omg omg omg, i cannot believe that the main leads died at the end! i want them to live, the impact is greater when they died, but it was not necessary to prove any point at all, well, maybe a small one, but they could have not let them die anyway!!!! and what is with the whole going missing!!! T_T and i dont really like the way they made the thing go around in circles at times… it is cool but at parts where they could have done more explanation they decided to not say a thing. whats with that? aaaaa, why must they die??!? i ended up crying through that scene all the way till the end of the anime. it was sweet, but so sad. and i have no idea why the guy even died. i mean, i understand that she die cos of her life being used up by the guy and she ran out of time, but then, he did not have to die what. Did he commit mental suicide or smth?! explain!!!! someone!!! explain to me!! the last time his contractor died he lived, he does not need to live on a contractor if he is in his human form what….. only when he is a demon he absorbs the life of the human, am i wrong to say that? i mean he did live for god knows how many years without a contractor in the first place. hahaa, nevermind, shall get someone to explain next time…




Ok, overall, not a bad show, not a great show, quite a good one though.

enjoyed it

and now to think of what to watch next!